Kenshi Yonezu x “PlayStation®︎” and “Play Has No Limits” won the world’s largest advertising award –TOWER RECORDS ONLINE


Kenshi YONEZUThe “Play Has No Limits” campaign of “PlayStation®︎”, in which “POP SONG” was appointed, is the most influential in the world, and an advertisement that attracts more than 30,000 entries every year / Won the bronze in the Entertainment for Music category of the communication festival “Cannes Lions International Creativity Festival 2022”.

The Entertainment for Music division is a division that evaluates communication centered on music and artists, from tie-up efforts to artist promotion, and is a series centered on CMs and songs / music videos using “POP SONG”. Campaign was the only Asian musician to win the award.

In this campaign, on January 22, the day before the CM release, a teaser video announcing the new CM appearance of Kenshi Yonezu’s “PlayStation” was posted from “PlayStation” official Twitter and REISSUE RECORDS official Twitter, and “PlayStation” In connection with the slogan “1 ・ 2 ・ 3”, a CM 1-day advance viewing project “123 Early Access” will be held for users who started “PlayStation®5” and “PlayStation®4” from 00:00 on January 23rd. A part of the new song “POP SONG” was also released for the first time in this project, and it was the first attempt in Japan to lift the ban on the artist’s new song through “PlayStation”. In addition, the character of Kenshi Yonezu, who appeared in the commercial on the same day, appeared in the wall advertisement of “SHIBUYA109” Shibuya store and attracted a lot of attention mainly on the Internet.

Kenshi Yonezu will appear in this commercial, and the new song “POP SONG” will be appointed. The director was Yuichi Kodama. Kenshi Yonezu participates not only in music production but also in concept planning from the idea of ​​transformation to character design. A world of play like Kenshi Yonezu, who loves games from an early age, was born.

“POP SONG” won the 1st place in the daily ranking on many music distribution charts. Achieved 36 crowns including real-time ranking. He set records such as the Oricon “Daily Her Digital Single (Single Song) Ranking” dated February 7, and the first appearance on the Billboard JAPAN Download Song Chart.

Kenshi Yonezu –POP SONG / Kenshi Yonezu


▼ Release information
Analog record
“M 87”
Released on Sunday, July 10

5471175: L

new single
“M 87”

5406844: L

5406844: L

5407032: L


▼ Movie information
“Shin Ultraman”
Now open
Cast: Takumi Saitoh / Masami Nagasawa / Daiki Arioka / Akari Hayami / Tetsushi Tanaka / Hidetoshi Nishijima / Koji Yamamoto / Ryo Iwamatsu / Hisaku Shimada / Toru Masuoka / Keishi Nagatsuka / Hajime Yamazaki / Toshihiro Wada
Planning / Screenplay: Hideaki Anno
Director: Shinji Higuchi
Music: Kunio Miyauchi / Shiro Sagisu
Theme song: Kenshi Yonezu “M87”
Production: Tsuburaya Productions Toho Color
Production Production: TOHO Studio Cine Bazaar
Distribution: Toho
Official site:
Official Twitter:@shin_ultraman
(C) 2021 “Shin Ultraman” Production Committee (C) Tsuburaya Productions


▼ Tour information
“Kenshi Yonezu 2022 TOUR / Transformation”
September 23 (Friday / holiday) Tokyo Metropolitan Gymnasium
Saturday, September 24, Tokyo Metropolitan Gymnasium
October 4th (Tuesday) Osaka Castle Hall
October 5 (Wednesday) Osaka Castle Hall
October 8th (Sat) Hyogo Kobe World Memorial Hall
October 9th (Sun) Hyogo Kobe World Memorial Hall
October 18th (Tuesday) Aichi Nippongaishi Hall
October 19th (Wednesday) Aichi Nippongaishi Hall
October 26 (Wednesday) Saitama Super Arena
October 27 (Thursday) Saitama Super Arena
Reserved seats 8,800 yen / Family seats 8,800 yen / Children (3 to 15 years old) 6,600 yen


▼ Book information
“GINZA 2022 July issue”
Cover: Kenshi Yonezu

5451524: L

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