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The 89th Japan Derby will finally be held on the 29th tomorrow. Therefore, we will release a special paid article published in “Sports Graphic Number” that follows Roger Burrows’ derby conquest, which was the 12th most popular but crowned in 2019.

A big turbulent drama of last year’s win of 9310 yen that surprised the fans by running through the goal board of Fuchu with the favorite horses in the back. Based on the recollections of producers, owners, and trainers, we will follow from the birth of the latest champion who left the turf without showing the bottom of his ability to conquering the derby.



Masaaki Tohino thought when he saw the baby that was born. This horse will definitely do a big job.

The foal’s mare is a horse imported from England called Little Book. She is an unwinning horse, but becomes Gentildonna’s mother, Donna Blini’s half-sister (her mother is the same). In 2012, when Gentildonna achieved the “Triple Crown of Female Horses”, Tohino saw the catalog of the Little Book sent from the British auction company Tattersalls, and was an employee of Jesse (a trading company specializing in horses) going to the auction. I asked him to make a successful bid. The price of the invincible spirit, which houses a stallion cub, is 230,000 guineas (about 32.4 million yen). It was the tallest mare that Tohino had ever bought.

Hino Ranch (Hidaka-gun, Hokkaido, Shizunai) always has about 15 breeding mares. There are 12 or 13 pups born each year, and 6 employees. This is the limit for Hidaka’s average ranch. Tohino has bought close relatives of excellent breeding mares from the large ranch to improve the quality of the mares. Little Book is one of them.

100 million yen insurance, named Million

Tohino seeded Deep Impact in the Little Book, which gave birth to his first baby in the spring of 2013. Deep Impact has been sown since 2007 when it became a stallion.

When Tohino was young, he was loved by Zenya Yoshida of Shadai Farm. He went to overseas ranches and auctions about Yoshida and saw world-famous horses such as Northern dancers, Nijinsky, and Secretariat in person. Among them, the one that gave the strongest impression was the buckpasser (America’s strongest horse in the 1960s).

When he saw Deep Impact, Tohino remembered Buckpasser. Figure, thin skin, how to walk … It was very similar.

That’s why the ranch-expected mare Little Book is seeded with Deep Impact every year. In the first two years, I couldn’t get a child because of non-conception, but in the third year, the long-awaited stallion was born. He was a bone-rich, fine-bodied foal.

One month after birth, Tohino insured a foal that he was convinced he would “do a big job” for 100 million yen. Since then, the foal’s nickname on the ranch has changed to “Million ($ 1 million).”

In the catalog where Katsuhiko Sumii’s words were written down, “Hanamaru”, which means “very good horse”, was attached above ◎. The listing number was 409, “Little Book 2016”.

July 12, 2016, the second day of the Japan Racehorse Association Select Sale. Hirotsugu Inokuma was looking around the year-old horses with Katsuhiko. Sumii pointed out any flaws in the horse, but he does not recommend which horse to use. When he asks, “Which one do you like?” He says, “The owner decides.”

“Owners are successful in their business. That’s the one to choose.”

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