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Why is Japan’s sales productivity so low?

Japan’s labor productivity in 2020, based on data from the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) released last year, will be $ 49.5 per hour of employment (purchasing power parity equivalent of ¥ 5086). It ranks 23rd out of 38 OECD countries, which is below the average of OECD countries. Since 1970, it has been the lowest in the G7, and it is the same in corporate sales.

In McKinsey & Company’s report “Why is Japan’s sales productivity low?”, The company calculated “sales ROI” as an index to compare sales efficiency and pointed out the low global sales productivity in Japan. There is. For example, in the fields of “electrical / mechanical”, “automobile parts”, “building materials”, “electronic parts”, “semiconductors”, “home appliances”, “office equipment”, “plant engineering”, “system integrators”, and “chemistry”, the sales ROI is the global average. The result is that nothing exceeds.

Under the influence of COVID-19, it is necessary to make major changes in sales activities such as a decrease in telework and face-to-face sales, so what kind of reforms should be made to improve productivity more efficiently and effectively? Is it ──?

This time, Forbes JAPAN produced an Opening Session (special lecture) at – SALESFORCE LIVE: Japan – Sales Change Makers hosted by Salesforce Japan. We will discuss approaches to improvement (visualization of sales processes, data conversion of knowledge and customer information, etc.) with management leaders who have succeeded in data-driven sales. By rethinking the importance of making data and fact decisions, regardless of past sunk costs and relationships, you should be able to find hints for improving your sales ROI.

Take this online event to develop highly practical talks such as a mind change to data-driven sales based on the McKinsey report, a growth curve brought about by “sales digitalization”, and a “winning / data sales method” that can be used immediately. , I want you to watch it in real time. Questions are accepted from the chat function during distribution.

[Why is Japan’s sales productivity low? De-personalization techniques brought about by sales digitalization strategies]

▼ Event name: SALESFORCE LIVE: Japan Sales Change Makers
The future of data-driven sales-the secrets of a growing company / organization

▼ Delivery date: May 25, 2022 (Wednesday)

▼ Delivery time: 13: 00-14: 00
* The end time is subject to change.

▼ How to participate: Registration for viewingHerefrom
* Transition to the viewing registration site (external) for the entire 2days event.
* Registration for viewing the entire SALESFORCE LIVE (2days) (other sessions can also be viewed)

▼ How to watch: Salesforce Japan Co., Ltd. will inform you at a later date.
* All information regarding the event will be sent from Salesforce Japan Co., Ltd.

▼ Participation fee: Free

◆ Performers
Takeshi Ogiwara◎ SoldOut Co., Ltd. Chairman and CGO / Group Executive Officer

Completed the Graduate School of Strategic Management, Chuo University, Master of Business Administration (Marketing Major). After graduating from college, he started a business. He joined Opt Inc. in June 2000. He was appointed Executive Officer of the Advertising Department in April 2006. He founded the company in 2009 and became president. His book is “Net Business Casebook” (co-authored by Hiroshi Tanaka, Dobuntan Publishing Co., Ltd. in 2017). From March 2019, he will be appointed Chairman of the Board, CGO (= Chief Growth Officer).

Hidenori Tamura◎ Salesforce Japan Managing Executive Officer / General Manager of Enterprise Finance & Regional DX Sales Headquarters

Joined NEC Computer Systems Co., Ltd. in 1987. After that, he was in charge of sales for the financial industry at Digital Equipment Corporation. In 2000, he started the ERP division for the domestic financial industry as the person in charge of the financial business at SAP Japan Co., Ltd., and contributed to business expansion. In 2009, he oversaw the sales of banks, securities companies, and life and non-life insurance companies at Hewlett-Packard Japan Co., Ltd. as General Manager of Enterprise Finance Sales Headquarters. He joined salesforce.com Co., Ltd. in 2015. As General Manager of Financial Sales Division, he proposes services to connect with customers, mainly domestic banks, insurance, securities, and non-bank customers. In August 2018 he became Executive Executive Officer. Since February 2020, he has been in charge of public, banking, securities, and insurance sales as General Manager of Enterprise Public and Financial Sales.

Yoshiko Matsuda◎ Link Event Produce Company Manager

After joining Link and Motivation Co., Ltd., he experienced the establishment of the organizational personnel consulting division in the Tokai area, and achieved it for 18 consecutive months. He won the company-wide MVP in his second year. After that, he was in charge of organizational personnel consulting for large companies. He has promoted consulting for major companies such as young training PJT for major IT telecommunications companies and inner branding PJT for major electric power companies. In recent years, he has been the start-up and sales manager of the business division for major companies of “Motivation Cloud”, which has the largest market share in Japan.

◆ Moderator
Koji Asano◎ Knowledge Work CEO

After graduating from the Faculty of Law, Keio University in 2003, joined Link and Motivation Co., Ltd. In 2010, he was the youngest executive officer at the time to become an executive officer in the organizational personnel consulting department for small and medium-sized venture companies. In 2016, he launched the first organization improvement cloud in Japan, “Motivation Cloud”. In 2018, he became a director of the company. Founded Knowledge Work Co., Ltd. in April 2020. His books include “THE TEAM” (Gentosha) * Over 100,000 copies, “All organizations can be changed” (PHP Institute), etc.


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