Activate! Visit Japan’s first popular bistro in Paris! Play “Human Fall Flat”: Ariyoshi…|TV Tokyo Plus

Ariyoshi eeeee! ~ Yes! Why don’t we play games with you from now on?

Hiroyuki Ariyoshi, Taka and Toshi, Ungirls and Takushi Tanaka are seriously playing online games “Ariyoshi eeeee! ~ That’s right! Do you want to play games now?” (every Sunday at 10 pm).
The broadcast on July 31st (Sunday) will play “Human Fall Flat” with guests Magical Lovely and Hono Tamura (Sakurazaka46). In “TV Tokyo plus,” we introduce a part of broadcast contents.

Start with walking around Kagurazaka (Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo) with Tamura! When I was walking while touching the history of the city, I was at the end of the alley…

Magical lovely with good friends shoulder to shoulder! When Ariyoshi says, “You guys aren’t that close,” Crystal Noda explains that it’s “a tribute to Jaru Jaru’s artist photography.”

All of us went to the first store in Japan of the popular bistro “Sacre Fleur” in Paris.


Nikuyoshi Niku row to bite into the specialty dish “Roast Tomahawk with bone 1.2 kg”! The meat was so soft that he put more than he expected in his mouth, so Ariyoshi let out a beastly cry, but he never forgot his senility, saying, “This is the first time I’ve eaten such delicious pork!” .

In response to Taka’s remarks, “The signboard (Ariyoshi) looks good on meat,” Ariyoshi responds, “It would be helpful if there was a taiko drummer.” Noda, who saw such a hawk, commented, “Yoshimoto is great…”. Takatoshi said, “You guys, don’t say it in Lumine”, “Don’t say you’re a drummer in front of Ariyoshi-san!” Na~” I spill out.

Toshi said, “I want you to do your best in the game because you ate such delicious meat,” and when paying the 42,000 yen food and drink charge, Gates Tanaka, who was in charge of accounting, said, “Absolutely do it properly! Today. If you do it, you’ll be really cut off!” Tamura shouted.

The venue for this event is “Tokyo Daijingu” Matsuya Salon “Isuzu no Ma” which is famous for matchmaking. You can see the shrine from the large windows.
“Human Fall Flat” will be played, and Noda enthusiastically says, “I’m eating in the game, so I have to show it!”
Tamura, who got the title of “Pankotsu Queen” in the previous “Human Fall Flat”, declared, “I’m really confident today!” Is it a sudden awakening?

During break time, play “Super Noda Game WORLD” devised by Noda. First, we will challenge “Shogi III” in which four people play against each other.

Please check the state of the play at “TV Tokyo as a net”.

Program official YouTubeThen, we will deliver almost uncut gameplay footage of the performers that was cut from the terrestrial broadcasting!


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