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Akio Mimura, honorary president of the Japan Chamber of Commerce and Industry, was appointed as the 10th chairman of the Advertising Dentsu Awards Council on April 1.

Advertising Dentsu Awardis Japan's oldest comprehensive advertising award, established in December 1947. By honoring advertisers who have practiced excellent advertising communication, we aim to expand the way for advertisers to solve their problems and contribute to the development of Japan's industry, economy, and culture.

The award is administered by the public organization “Advertising Dentsu Award Council,'' and all advertisers are eligible to apply, regardless of the advertising company or production company handling the award. The selection will be made by the selection committee of the Advertising Dentsu Awards Council, which is made up of approximately 500 people including advertisers, media companies, creators, and experts. There are many advertising awards in Japan and other countries around the world, but there are few that have as many selection committee members and cover such a wide range of fields, and are highly regarded as the advertising awards that represent the Japanese advertising world. There is.

This year will be the 77th time, and the application deadline was April 1st, and the council secretariat is currently preparing for the selection process.

Mr. Akio Mimura

Mr. Akio Mimura

Born on November 2, 1940. 83 years old. He is President and Chairman of Nippon Steel, Chairman of the Japan Steel Federation, Japan Business Federation, Chairman of the Central Education Council of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, and Chairman of the Japan Chamber of Commerce and Industry (19th November 2013 – October 2022). He has held positions such as He is honorary chairman of the Friends of Nippon Steel Corporation. He is honorary president of the Japan Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

[Past council presidents (titles omitted, titles are as of the time)]
1957-1963 Keizo Shibusawa (Chairman of Japan National Committee of the International Chamber of Commerce)
1964-1969 Saburosuke Suzuki (Advisor, Ajinomoto Co., Inc.)
1970-72 Tadashi Adachi (Honorary President of the Japan Chamber of Commerce and Industry)
1973-1981 Mitsujiro Ishii (Honorary President of the Japan Athletic Association)
1982-84 Shigeo Nagano (President of the Japan Chamber of Commerce and Industry)
1985-87 Yoshihiro Inayama (Keidanren Honorary Chairman)
1988-1996 Eishiro Saito (Keidanren Honorary Chairman)
1997-2001 Gaishi Hiraiwa (Honorary Chairman of Keidanren)
02-24 Takashi Imai (Honorary Chairman of Keidanren)

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