Among Japanese ad network operators, “i-mobile Ad Network”, which has the top share of the ad SDK introduction rate for iOS App Store apps in Japan, supports ad distribution using SK Ad Network.

With this support, i-mobile Ad Network will be able to check the advertising effectiveness of each delivery destination application measured by SKAd Network from the management screen and operate the advertisement.

Collaboration with each app developer to expand iOS apps that can be distributed by SKAdNetwork measurement as an ad network with the top share

of advertising SDK introduction rate to Japanese iOS App Store apps among Japanese ad network operators. We are gradually introducing it so that we can provide abundant distribution inventory by strengthening, and it is already possible to distribute by SKAd Network measurement with about 90% of the total number of requests of iOS application.
i-mobile Ad Network will continue to maximize the advertising effectiveness of advertisers in consideration of user privacy., average number of unique app installations May 2021 to April 2022 (cumulative share of i-mobile Ad Network SDK and maio SDK)
■ What is SK Ad Network?

SKAdNetwork is a solution for measuring advertising effectiveness provided by Apple Inc.

Since we do not use data that can identify the device such as an advertisement identifier (IDFA) or data acquired without the consent of the user, it is possible to deliver advertisements in consideration of user privacy. ■ About “i-mobile Ad Network” <

“I-mobile Ad Network” is one of the largest operational ad networks in Japan that supports smartphones and PCs operated by i-mobile. We are consolidating various WEB media and smartphone application media to deliver advertisements with high affinity. In addition, it has the strength of high-performance optimization logic, and advertisers can deliver while flexibly setting the delivery amount and bid unit price according to the advertising effect.

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Company name: i-mobile Co., Ltd.
Location: NES Building N Building, 22-14 Sakuragaoka-cho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Representative: Tetsuya Noguchi, President and CEO Established: August 17, 2007

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