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The hair coloring agent “N. Rufure Color” released by professional hair maker Napra in February this year has already won the trust and high praise of hairdressers. It is a hair coloring agent that achieves high color development, which was born from the popular brand “N.”, and is showing excitement in the media and SNS. This summer, we will dig deep into the secret of the popularity of “N. Rufle Color”, which is ideal for making proposals to customers who want to enjoy their hair color even more.

Full of transparency
High saturation and high color development
The finish will come true

“N. Rufure Color” is a highly transparent and highly colored finish that can express more targeted colors, especially in medium to high brightness. With a well-balanced color lineup of cold, warm, and neutral colors, a neutral beige brown “chestnut” that is easy to gloss, a beige “sand” that suppresses orange with a slight gray color, and a sheer texture that suppresses redness are produced. Easy monotone color “Fog”, purple-tinted silver “Metal” that does not easily blur even under difficult undertones, high-saturation blue “Cobalt” that does not include complementary colors that are particular about pure blue, transparent soft and healthy blue green ” Eight hues are available: “Turquoise”, a highly saturated pink “Paony” with a slight reddish purple color, and a transparent blue violet “Move” with a moderate bluish tinge. Each has 3 to 13 levels (5 to 13 levels for “Metal”, “Turquoise”, “Paony”, and “Move”). You can enjoy the exquisite cool colors that are familiar to Japanese skin and the warm colors that are perfect for expressing luster.

A beautician who specializes in color
With the original recipe
Suggest a style

Many exposures to media and SNS
The number of samples shipped in the first month is
Over 20,000 sets

“N. Rufure Color” is attracting a lot of attention from consumers because it is a hair coloring agent born from “N.”, which is extremely popular with “polish oil” and “natural balm”. In the May issue of “ViVi” (Kodansha) and the June issue of “sweet” (Takarajimasha), “N. Rufure Color” was featured, and its momentum is only increasing. Many cosmetologists actively tell customers about “N. Rufure Color” because the keyword “N.” is also interesting when performing hair coloring. Looking at the initial data, the number of samples shipped in the first month exceeded 20,000 sets. The number of inquiries from salons is also the highest ever among Napra’s coloring agents. Naoki Goto, chief of the Napra Planning and Development Department, also says that this is the first time that he has received such inquiries about sample sets before the release. “‘N. Rufle Color’ is attractive because you can enjoy a variety of colors by combining highly saturated colors with monotone and beige colors.” Cobalt “, which still expresses popular ash colors, and violet colors. Not only “Paony” but also “Turquoise”, which has not been lined up so far, should be useful as the hair color that customers want is diversified. Even among high-saturation colors, the gloss and texture of the finish is perfect. Please give it a try. “

From cosmetologists nationwide
To “N. Rufure Color”
Love call

Highly acclaimed voices have been received from beauticians nationwide who love “N. Rufure Color”. Takayuki Sasaki, the representative of Osaka’s hair salon “Lute”, said, “I like it because it is easy to get color for highlights and bleaching, it has high color development and the saturation is moderately high. In this state, the hair ends are dyed evenly without being affected by underwear, and the color can be changed every two months. It is easy to use even with a single color, and it is easy to use even for salon work because it has a stable finish even for assistants with a short career. ” Shota Fukuyama, a freelancer in Nagoya, said, “Recently, the number of customers who add color to pale colors and designs is increasing, so” N. Rufle Color “matches their needs. For customers who were feeling a rut to incorporate color in the design, such as the inner color from the bangs to the side and the section color that bleaches only the surface and turns on color, summer hair with a design color that is one step ahead. I hope you enjoy the colors. ” Yuki Kabasawa, a stylist at the hair salon “kelly.” In Tokyo, said, “Compared to other colorants,” N. Rufure Color “has a stronger color, so it is easier to get a tint. Especially,” Peony “is bleached. You can get a solid pink feeling without doing it. Recently, vivid colors and bleaching are increasing, but personal colors are also popular, so you can make it dull or lighten according to your skin color. In that respect, “N. Rufure Color” has good coloring, so it is easy to control the nuances. “

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