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“High raw material prices,” “supply chain confusion,” “prolonged invasions,” etc., are the endless worries of business owners.
Mr. Shinya Yamada, a popular YouTuber certified public accountant and million-selling author, said, “It’s dangerous for managers to rush their employees to sell at the end of the corona crisis…”Sales addiction/danger alert”.
Mr. Yamada said, “A book of this level will never come out. One book every 20 years. No reason not to read it.There is a book that asserts that “The law of sales minimization and profit maximization ─ Profit margin 29% Business secret(Katsutoshi Kinoshita).
The author, Mr. Kinoshita, started a business alone, was penniless due to fraud, was listed for four consecutive years for the first time in history, and is currently active at the forefront of D2C as a president and active marketer listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange Prime. Mr. Kinoshita’s words are gaining a lot of sympathy on social media. What is the charm of President Kinoshita’s maiden work, which won the “2021 Business Book Award Selected by People in the Startup and Venture Industry”? I asked Mr. Yamada.

 last timeThe scriptures written by the guru of “Profit”“When we published the article, we received a great response.

On page 69 of “Laws for minimizing sales and maximizing profits”, “Management from “many births and deaths” to “low births and deaths”In the story, there is this.

To give you an example of my Youtuber activities, instead of uploading videos every day, I aim for 100,000 views once a weekend.

If it really hits, it will reduce the burden of shooting and editing myself, and the YouTube video will look better.

Taking the example of the publishing world, more than 70,000 books have been published annually in recent years. Sales and editing work together to get the bookstore involved. It is an image of preparing one book over time and conveying passion to readers.

However, both YouTubers and publishers are an industry dominated by the prejudice that you have to hit a few hits to create a big hit.

When you’re immersed in industry conventions, it’s hard to even ask yourself, “Is that really true?”Start by suddenly stopping and questioning, “Is this true?”It’s important to

Books and magazines are also based on points, and they say, “You won’t know until you put them out,” but I think that’s a kind of “escape.”

Sales minimization, profit maximization law]The author’s company, Kita no Tatsujin Corporation, uses a one-hit kill method,750 evaluation itemsthere is.

If you don’t go this far, the company’s motto is “We only sell products that are surprisingly goodIs the president unable to say that?

There is nothing worse for the environment than TV, movies, and books that produce boring content.

While the SDGs are being called out, the times will surelyManagement from high birth rate and low death rate to low birth rate and low death rateWhatI’m starting to steer.

When you rush your employees with the sales supremacy principle, one day you suddenly realize that there are no customers in the truck, and there are no employees of your company. not.

I would like to ask those who are even slightly involved in the content tothis bookofRecommendedI want to

Really!I’m going to face my work with this kind of attitudeNew employee educationuse it forMid-career/VeteranIn the sense of correcting the situation for those who are accustomed to work and feel sluggish,this bookIf you read carefully,The scenery from tomorrow will changemaybe.

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