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“Raw material prices,” “Supply network confusion,” “Long-term invasions,”…the worries of business owners are endless.
Mr. Shinya Yamada, a popular YouTuber certified public accountant and million-selling author, said, “It’s dangerous for managers to rush their employees to sell at the end of the corona crisis…”Sales addiction/danger alert”.
Mr. Yamada said, “A book of this level will never come out. One book every 20 years. No reason not to read it.There is a book that asserts that “The law of sales minimization and profit maximization ─ Profit margin 29% Business secret(Katsutoshi Kinoshita).
Mr. Kinoshita, the author, started a business alone, was penniless due to fraud, was listed for the first time in history for four consecutive years, and is currently active in the forefront of D2C as a president and active marketer listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange Prime. Mr. Kinoshita’s words are gaining a lot of sympathy on social media. What is the charm of President Kinoshita’s maiden work, which won the “2021 Business Book Award Selected by People in the Startup and Venture Industry”? I asked Mr. Yamada.

last timeI heard a deep talk about “from sales target to profit target”.

This time, I would like to ask about the cost performance of this book.

Mr. Yamada, how much is the “cospa” of this book?

Shinya Yamada (hereafter, Yamada):I think this book is a book that is not a cost performance.

what do you mean?

Yamada:Is the Bible good value for money? That’s what I’m talking about.

Maybe the believers will be offended.

 this bookis managementKazuo Inamori’s Practical Learning: Management and Accountingor, in baseball, “Nomura Notebook”I think it is.

excuse me. I’m not sure…

Yamada:It means that it is not a book as a thing.

so to speak,book as thoughtWhat is it?

The value is zero yen or infinity

A book as an idea?

Yamada:A book as an idea is a kind ofA book that has a tremendous impact on the life of a manageris.

 flesh and bloodTherefore, the value of this book iszero yenandInfinityThat’s it.

Zero yen and infinity?

Yamada:airI want it to be something like, and I hope it spreads with zero yen.

 Bibleclose to something like

This is the kind of book that originally costs 0 yen, but as a commercial publication it doesn’t work that way, so I pay 1,980 yen as a donation.

I’ve never heard that expression before.

Yamada:As a feeling after reading, since the author’s thought is written, it is an image of “philosophy” or “law”.

“The higher the sales, the higher the risk.

Even if you have a lot of cash, you don’t have to force yourself to use it.”

It’s obvious when you say it, but when you verbalize it again, you get goosebumps.

That’s certainly true.

It’s a book that impresses me because it’s been verbalized well.

A scripture written by the guru of “Profit”

That’s the greatest compliment.

Yamada:Since the emphasis on profit is thorough, this is alreadycomplete thought bookis.

A company can never go bankrupt if it continues to generate profits.

sort of, the author is “Founder of profit religion“is.

The Founder of Profit Teaching?!

Yamada:”Profession Guruscriptures written byWhat is it?

Too funny!smile

Yamada:not always salesBack calculation from profitdo.

But this takes some practice.

A religion with strict rules.

butEven if it’s just a part of “Profit Teaching”, it may be very useful if your company has a good part..

This is such a rare book.

Books that publish more than 70,000 points a year are a mixture of gems, but this book is a gem in the middle!

If all business people read it, they will be greatly inspired.

Just like in baseball, a professional is someone who can play catch properly.this bookYou can’t get over the rough seas of the future uncertain business society without reading.


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