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DIGIDAY[Japan Version]will hold “DIGIDAY MEDIA BUYING FORUM” at Ritz-Carlton Tokyo on August 1st (Monday).

MEDIA BUYING FORUM is an invitation-only event that brings together executives from influential agencies in the digital advertising arena to share media buying challenges with publishers and key brand people. Through discussions on the day, we will seek hints to take the industry to the next step. The theme of this event, which will be held for the first time, is “Media Buying 2030”.

This program is divided into two perspectives, and , and while highlighting various issues in media buying, in addition to a session to discuss the ideas and efforts of both parties, all participants are flexible. We are also planning to develop a networking space where you can communicate with.

■ Speaker(Titles omitted)

Mr. Yukiko Yamaguchi, Executive Officer and CMO of Panasonic Connect Co., Ltd., Mr. Norihiro Kuretani, President and CEO of Dentsu Japan Network, Mr. Motohiro Ando, ​​Executive Officer of Hakuhodo DY Holdings Inc., and Mr. Megumi Tanaka, Managing Director of Shueisha Co., Ltd. Is decided.

▼ Keynote 01: Discuss the evolution and deepening of future partnerships between brands and agencies (tentative)


Mr. Norihiro Kuretani. President and CEO of Dentsu Japan Network.


Yukiko Yamaguchi. Executive Officer, Managing Director and CMO of Panasonic Connect Co., Ltd.


A session in which the agency and the brand leader take the stage in a dialogue format, sharing common issues and the ideas and efforts of each company, and discovering the role that the agency should play with the brand together.

▼ Keynote 02: Rethinking the relationship between publishers and agencies (tentative)


Motohiro Ando. Director and Managing Executive Officer of Hakuhodo DY Holdings.


Megumi Tanaka. Managing Director, Advertising Department, Shueisha.


A session in which the agency and publisher leaders talk from Keynote 01 and reconsider the relationship between publishers and agencies while sharing common issues from the publisher’s perspective and the ideas and efforts of each company.

* The contents of the program may be partially revised.

■ Participating companies

Participating companies will be decided one after another! We are accepting ticket applications.

ADK Marketing Solutions, Digital Holdings, IREP, Opto, Wonderman Thompson Tokyo, CARTA HOLDINGS, Digital Advertising Consortium, Dentsu Digital, East Japan Marketing & Communications Inc., Nihon Keizai Advertising Co., Ltd., NTT Ad, Tokyu Agency, Transcosmos

* In alphabetical order * Corporate status omitted

■ Schedule

Monday, August 1, 2022 16: 00-19: 15 (15:30 local reception starts)

■ Implementation method


■ Participation fee:

TICKET (offline) 330,000 yen (tax included)

It is a ticket that allows you to participate in all sessions + networking parties.

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▶ ︎ Event detailsHere

Reprinted from DIGIDAY[Japan version](Article published on July 22, 2022)


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