Digital Studio Overseas Affiliate Advertising Platform “Discovery Japan Partner” Number of Partner Registrations Exceeds 20,000 | Press Release of Digital Studio Co., Ltd.

Inbound demand is rapidly expanding due to an increase in foreign tourists who are interested in Japan and consumers who are interested in Japanese products and services.

However, on the other hand, many small and medium-sized enterprises are struggling to attract customers for overseas websites and cross-border e-commerce, and it appears that they are unable to take effective measures.

In order to support companies facing such problems, we collaborated with overseas affiliates and launched the overseas affiliate advertising platform “Discovery Japan Partner” in July 2023.

Discovery Japan Partner, an overseas affiliate advertising platform operated by Digital Studio, is a matching platform between Japanese companies who want to attract foreign customers and foreigners who want to promote Japanese products and services.

“Discovery Japan Partner” began offering in July 2023, and as of January 2024, the number of foreign partners exceeded 20,000.

In the future, we plan to strengthen community formation through interaction and information sharing between affiliates, mainly in developed countries.

We will also introduce the details of the Meet Up scheduled to be held locally.

Features of “Discovery Japan Partner”:

Over 20,000 registered affiliates

We have over 20,000 Japan-loving affiliate partners from over 50 countries around the world.

You can promote your products in each country.

○Countries with a large number of affiliate registrants

1 India (6,944)

2 Indonesia (4,904)

3 Philippines (4,807)

4 Japan (829)

5 America (403)

○In descending order of information dissemination media

1 Instagram (11,751)

2 Facebook (6,406)

3 Tiktok (1,243)

4 Youtube (354)

・Advertisers can freely grant benefits

Advertisers can set attractive offers related to their products and services.

Providing products for free, offering special prices, increasing commission rates, etc.

Operated by a trusted Japanese company

We provide advertisers and affiliates with an environment where they can use the platform with peace of mind.

Provide comprehensive support from logistics to EC platform

By providing total support, we create an environment where customers can develop their business with peace of mind.


Notice of seminar timing:

A seminar on how to attract foreign web customers will be held on Tuesday, February 6, 2024.

The content of the seminar will be to talk about the keys to attracting foreign customers in cross-border e-commerce and inbound tourism.


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