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The first work collection of photographer Mikiya Takimoto, one of the top runners who leads the Japanese advertising photography world, has been published, compiling 25 years of advertising work from the start of his career in 1998 to 2023. Ru.

This book consists of two parts: advertising photographs and commercial films.
First, the advertising photo part includes about 120 advertising photos, from the “Tokyo City Horse Racing Twinkle Lady Award” that he took shortly after becoming independent, and his early masterpiece “Toshimaen Pool” to “Pocari Sweat 2023” shot in 2023.
The commercial film part includes approximately 70 CF works that are loved beyond the boundaries of commercials, such as the “Sapporo Draft Beer Black Label Adult Elevator” and “Daiwa House Together Here” series, which have been running since 2010. . The selection focuses on recent works whose worldview has deepened through his experience as a cinematographer.

Takimoto himself was in charge of selecting the works to be included. Although Takimoto carefully selected only about 10% of the vast amount of work he has done so far, the volume ended up being about 600 pages in total.
This is a book that allows you to fully enjoy the world of Mikiya Takimoto, a photographer who continues to deepen his understanding while always seeking change.

Scheduled release: Late February 2024
Book title: Mikiya Takimoto Works 1998-2023
Author: Mikiya Takimoto
Art direction: Naonori Yago
Format: B5 variant/top binding
Number of pages: 600 pages (tentative)
List price: 9,000 yen + tax



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