Foreign ceramic artist x Japanese potter. Collaborative exhibition with popular artists held at “Marcel” | Vogue Japan

February Exhibition “Mother Earth Earth Vessel”

February Exhibition “Mother Earth Earth Vessel”

Studio communication space, MORSEL, created by Japanese and foreign artists.collaborationAn exhibition will be held. This collaboration aims to hold exhibitions where artists can interact with each other across countries and have friendly relationships, and to use the exhibition period as a place for exchange. Produced by “Moor Gallery'', which introduces “Moor Gallery''. A total of six events are planned for 2024.

From February 10th (Saturday) to February 12th (Monday), Clandestine Ceramique, Ayako Atsukawa, and Taro Tanaka, three people who create their own earth vessels, will be holding an event called “Mother Earth Earth.'' A special exhibition will be held with the theme of “Utensils”.In addition, in conjunction with this exhibition, the exhibition space LAITON diagonally opposite “Marcel” will be opened.fashionA preview of the brand BISOWN will be held at the same time.

Foreign ceramic artist x Japanese potter.Collaborative exhibition of popular artists will be held at “Marcel”


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