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Hello! Perfect World Tokyo, virtual reporter Sekai! Today, we will be picking up items from MUZIK TIGER, a Korean brand that is rapidly gaining popularity in Japan. This time we will be introducing a toffee mat and a hair band that also includes toffee. It's cute for adults and easy to incorporate and use regardless of gender, so it would make a great gift.

What is Musik Tiger? For those of you who are interested, let me explain a little bit. The brand is so popular that it has collaborated with GUCCI and South Korea's 7-Eleven.The brand name “Musik Tiger'' literally translates to “unemployed tiger'' and symbolizes the idea of ​​“leaving work and living freely doing what you want.'' is included. The brand was created by a designer couple who quit their jobs at the company they were working for, so their thoughts and messages are very persuasive.

hair 1hair 1

The illustration of three unemployed tigers, Toffee (commonly known as Fat Tiger) and Toffee Taffy, spending their free time is cute and resonates with the message, as Hoshi-kun from Sebuchi used Musik Tiger mugs in his Instagram feeds in Japan as well. It became a hot topic. There is also an official Japanese version of Instagram, so if you haven't seen it yet, please take a look at the wonderful world view of the three tigers. For busy people, I think it will help you understand the importance of rest and relaxation, and for people who are chasing their dreams, it will encourage them to continue doing what they want to do without pushing themselves too hard.

mat 1mat 1

First, let me introduce you to the point mat. The die-cut silhouette in the shape of a toffee face and the pop of red tiger color are cute and have a lot of presence, so just by placing it, it will become an accent in your room.

mat 2mat 2

Toffee's expression is cute and seems to be soothing. Every time we meet, I feel like I can relax and relax. It feels soft to the touch, and when you use it as a footrest for your sofa, bed, or desk chair, it seems to relax your shoulders and give you a relaxing feeling every time your eyes meet.

mat 3mat 3
mat 4mat 4

It also comes with a genuine Musik Tiger tag, making it a perfect gift. The tag is on the back, so it doesn't get in the way of Toffee's cute face design, and it's a nice touch that it won't get caught when you use it. It measures 63cm x 45.7cm and has a non-slip backing, so it can also be used as a washstand or bath mat, making it very practical.

mat 5mat 5

The full-body mat has a cute pose that looks like it's raising its hands in greeting, and it's also non-slip, so it can also be used as a toilet mat. If you use it as an entrance mat, it will give you a pat on the back when you leave, and you will feel relaxed when you get home.

hair 2hair 2

The second item is a hair band. It's convenient when washing your face or putting on a face pack, and if you keep a toffee mat in your bathroom sink, it'll probably lift your mood when you wash your face. Even if you wear it all the time in your room, the bangs won't get in the way when you're working or relaxing, and the hair on the sides won't get stuck to your face, which helps prevent rough skin, so it's often worn by beauty YouTubers. I agree with that.

hair 3hair 3

The height is 9 cm, and it has a cuteness and impact that is why YouTubers and idols who are involved in planning and life distribution often wear it in their videos and broadcasts. It's cute and comfortable to wear around the room, so once you use it, you won't be able to go back to living without a hairband.

hair 4hair 4

This product is also of genuine quality, so it feels soft to the touch, and you won't get a headache even if you wear it for a long time, and it has a soothing effect that gently protects your hair.

hair 5hair 5

Tiffy the white tiger is too cute to pass up. Even if you try matching Toffee and Tiffy with your family, partner, or club friends, it will probably lift your mood. If you try wearing it when you go to a theme park, travel, or concert with your friends, you'll have a fun time and you'll be able to take lots of cute photos as a souvenir. It looks like it would be great to wear it when you go to a fan meeting, and it would be a must-have item especially when you go to Korea.

hair 6hair 6

There are other hair bands that are popular in Korea as well, such as the Crayon Shin-chan hair band that is very popular in Korea with its pajama pattern, which was also worn by Heisei Flamingo in a video, and the one that was worn at the 34th Golden Disk Awards ceremony. We also have Teletubbies hair bands that became a hot topic when Mamamoo cosplayed them, so please check out our online shop if you'd like.

We also have initial keychains that can be used to promote Studio Haneul, a Korean brand similar to Musik Tiger, and Smile Flower, a pop-up Korean stuffed toy bouquet that can be displayed in your room, so if you are interested, please check these out as well. Please check it out.

How was it? I hope you all have wonderful encounters with the characters.

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