“GirlsAward AUDITION 2022SS” Grand Prix is ​​decided Nonsta Ishida, “I will cry if I’m not careful” (Oricon) –Yahoo! News

[Whole body cut]Ashton Sumire Jazzmin of the surprisingly long legs Grand PrixComedy duo NON STYLE (Yusuke Inoe, Akira Ishida) as guest MC of the event, and model Aika and Michi appear as ambassadors. In addition to the prize of 1 million yen, the Grand Prix will have various benefits such as the right to appear on the runway at “Rakuten GirlsAward 2022 SPRING / SUMMER” to be held on May 14, and the advertising model for the next “GirlsAward AUDITION 2022 A / W”. Be prepared. When the Grand Prix was announced, Jazzmin said with a big smile, “I’m very happy! I’m really glad I’ve been doing my best for the past year.” When Inoue asked what he was doing, he recalled the audition period, saying, “I was delivering about 6 hours every day and changing my cosplay every time.” Also, when asked how to use 1 million yen, he said, “I want to use it for an event with fans”. He thanked her parents for their support, saying, “I want to say thank you for helping me cook rice every day.” She also revealed her dream for the future, “I want to be a model that can be seen in big advertisements such as train stations and be noticed by various people.” Ishida, who has a five-year-old twin daughter, reveals, “It was dangerous. I was almost crying if I wasn’t careful (laughs).” Inoue responded by saying, “You might be told that you want to audition 10 years later.” Ishida said, “No, I can’t see it anymore, it’s hard and I don’t know what will happen.” rice field. At the same event, Naho Miyanowaki received the “SHE THREE Award” and “Mikucha Award”, and Momosa Nakamura received the “Model Press Award”.


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