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Now that the desire to travel is at its peak, and now that the hotel opening rush has begun again, where do you want to stay? “On vacation?” “On a business trip?” “If you had 1 million yen?”special feature“Ranking of hotels you want to stay at”Now, in an eight-part series from August 1st (Monday) to 7th (Sunday), we will deliver the latest hotel rankings based on our own questionnaire.

#1 Delivered on Monday, August 1st
“Would you like to stay when it opens?” Hotel ranking[Top 10]3rd place Bvlgari Hotel Tokyo, 1st place?

Ranking of hotels you want to stay at #1Photo: Siri Stafford/gettyimages

Luxury hotels and resort hotels not only in central Tokyo but also all over the country are rushing to open. The Bvlgari Hotel Tokyo ranked third in the ranking of hotels that people want to stay in when they open, based on an original survey. So what about 1st and 2nd place?

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#2 Delivered on Tuesday, August 2nd
Kagaya in Noto ranked 2nd in the top 10 hotels that people want to stay on vacation. Who is the 1st place?

Ranking of hotels you want to stay at #2Photo: Sam Spicer/gettyimages

Kagaya, a prestigious ryokan in Ishikawa Prefecture, ranked second in the ranking of hotels that people want to stay at on vacation, according to an original survey. Hotels with contrasting new and old were ranked in the 1st and 3rd place.

>>August 2 (Tuesday) delivery

#3 Delivered on Tuesday, August 2nd
The leading role of the hotel will be from Teikoku H and other three families to the “Four Emperors of Reiwa”, and the “back boss” Mitsui Fudosan will also be on the front stage

Hotel Ranking #3Photo: wwing/gettyimages

The three major hotels, “Imperial Hotel Tokyo”, “The Okura Tokyo” and “Hotel New Otani”, are in a rivalry with each other. On the other hand, the “Four Emperors of Reiwa”, which stand at the center of the modern hotel industry, do not necessarily compete. Mitsui Fudosan has joined forces with them and is on the rise.

>>August 2 (Tuesday) delivery

#4 Delivered on Wednesday, August 3
“Want to stay on a business trip?” Hotel Ranking[Top 10]3rd place Toyoko Inn, 1st place?

Hotel Ranking #4Photo: Ghislain & Marie David de Lossy/gettyimages

Toyoko Inn, a major hotel, ranked 3rd in the “Ranking of hotels where people want to stay on a business trip” based on an original survey. If there are many chains, it is easy to use. However, a hotel with a much smaller chain than Toyoko Inn ranked even higher.

>>August 3rd (Wednesday) delivery

#5 Delivered on Thursday, August 4
“I want to stay if I had 1 million yen” hotel ranking[top 10]The ability of the company that ranked 4

Hotel Ranking #5Photo: PIXTA

Where would you like to stay if you could spend 1 million yen freely? There was a hotel chain with 4 hotels ranked in the top 10 in the “Ranking of hotels you would like to stay at if you had 1 million yen” based on an original survey.

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#6 Delivered on Friday, August 5
Hotel “Repeater Approval Rate” Ranking! What is the best inn that surpasses the 5th Imperial Hotel?

Ranking of hotels you want to stay at #6Photo: Somporn Siripitakdet/EyeEm/gettyimages

Which of the top 10 hotels you would like to stay at on vacation was supported by repeat stays? “Imperial Hotel Tokyo” ranked 5th. Another well-established hotel took first place.

>>Delivery on Friday, August 5

#7 Delivered on Saturday, August 6th
Marriott, Hilton, IHG, Hyatt, four foreign hotel executives reveal “Japan market strategy”

Hotel Ranking #7

Four of the world’s largest hotel companies, Marriott International, Hilton, IHG Hotels & Resorts, and Hyatt Hotels, are gaining momentum in Japan. Even in the hotel rankings, they are all foreign-affiliated companies. The executives of each company openly revealed their plans to capture Japan.

>>Delivery on Saturday, August 6

#8 Delivered on Sunday, August 7
Investment fund to acquire Seibu, Kintetsu and Odakyu hotels, a drastic change “Reiwa way”

Best hotel ranking #8Photo: a-clip/gettyimages

A foreign investment fund that buys a large number of railway hotels, such as Seibu Holdings’ Prince Hotel and Kintetsu Group Holdings’ Miyako Hotel. His facial features and mannerisms have changed greatly from what they used to be.

>>Delivery on August 7th (Sun)

Key Visual: SHIKI DESIGN OFFICE, Kanako Onda

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