HYBE JAPAN fully supports Korean virtual idol group PLAVE's entry into Japan (Music Natalie) – Yahoo!News

[X]Stray Kids, RIIZE, NiziU, ATEEZ… Also appearing on “MUSIC CORE”

PLAVE is a 5-member virtual boy band that debuted in Korea last March. The group is made up of Yejun, Noah, Bambi, Uno, and Hamin, and is known as a self-produced group, with the members themselves writing the lyrics, composing, and creating the choreography. Their second mini album, “ASTERUM: 134-1,” released in March this year, sold over 560,000 copies in its first week, and they won first place on a Korean music program, beating out other popular artists, drawing a lot of attention. HYBE JAPAN has signed a comprehensive contract with VLAST, the Korean entertainment production company to which PLAVE belongs, regarding domestic business rights. “We will utilize the synergy between the two parties to make PLAVE's activities in Japan, which will begin in earnest, a success, and strive to deliver a great customer experience,” the company said in a statement.


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