[Ikebukuro PARCO]Mila Aina appointed for a sustainable early summer fashion advertising campaign “THINK to a Sustainable fashion” 5/13 (Fri) -6/12 (Sun)

This campaign is a participation plan for the Ikebukuro area joint project “IKEBUKURO HANA CIRCLE PROJECT” with the theme of “Enriching your heart with Ikebukuro full of flowers and greenery. To a town you want to visit again and again.” We will develop as. Model “Mila Aina” will dress you in fashion items using sustainable materials and propose how to enjoy early summer fashion in the city of Ikebukuro, which is full of flowers and greenery.


Sponsored by Sunshine City Co., Ltd., it will be held from May 13th (Friday) to June 12th (Sunday) as an area joint project with companies and organizations based in Ikebukuro. This project is also one of the projects of the 90th anniversary of the enforcement of the ward system of Toshima Ward, which has been double-selected as the “SDGs Future City” and “Local Government SDGs Model Project” set by the Cabinet Office. Providing various experiences with the theme of green. As a member of the project, Ikebukuro PARCO will carry out a campaign to propose sustainable fashion items in the same period, with “Toshima no Mori” as the location.

  • “THINK to a Sustainable fashion” 5/13 (Fri) -6/12 (Sun)

Main posterMain poster

-Campaign title
THINK to a Sustainable fashion

-Campaign period
May 13th (Fri) -June 12th (Sun)

-Model: Mila Aina

Mila Aina (model)
Born July 7, 1997. She produces information on social issues in parallel with model activities, such as producing the apparel brand “Jam Apparel” that develops items using recycled fibers and organic fabrics. She is a J-WAVE “START LINE” navigator.

[ 長谷川ミラさんコメント]
We are pleased to participate in the THINK to a Sustainable fashion campaign of Ikebukuro Parco. This is Mila Aina. Thank you !! We hope that fashion will be the first step to learn about social issues such as environmental issues, not to mention “how to enjoy fashion in early summer” !!

SNS limited banner (part)SNS limited banner (part)

Introducing women’s fashion items recommended for early summer using sustainable materials from the main building B1F “Lily Brown” “Sneijder” “Seal-Mulin” and the main building 2F “Mimi 33”.

Upcycling dress ¥ 38,500

A dress made from used denim remnants that would otherwise be discarded from the upcycle collection, which is a collection of used items designed and revived as a single item. A special upcycling item with a different color scheme.

Sustainable multi-way frill color blouse ¥ 12,540

Uses a sustainable shirt fabric based on organic cotton with a slight luster and elasticity. A sleeveless blouse with multi-way specifications that combines design and practicality. The first place unique to “SNIDEL” where feminine and mode are exquisitely intertwined.

Old Cotton Fit T-shirt ¥ 6,930

An eco-friendly Japanese fabric made from 100% sustainable cotton that has been reshaped by collecting discarded threads. A rare item that revives fabrics that have already been produced. A simple yet expressive T-shirt with plenty of elasticity, a fluffy and light touch, and an uneven surface.

Lact hoop earrings ¥ 3,630

Earrings that use lacroid material (a material made from milk protein) that leads to a soft impression, and have a look that makes the earlobe wrap around from the side.

  • Shooting location “Toyoshima no Mori”

A roof garden on the 10th floor of the Toshima Ward Government Building. Reproduce the nature of Toshima Ward, where many creatures once lived. An aquarium and biotope are also installed, and you can observe not only plants but also fish, insects and birds. It is popular as a place of relaxation in Toshima Ward, which aims to increase the greenery and create a town where people can continue to live.

Toshima no MoriToshima no Mori

2-45-1 Minamiikebukuro, Toshima-ku Toshima-ku government office 10th floor

  • “HANA BAR” provided by dried flower bouquet

Japan’s first dried flower cafe bar opened in September 2017 in Nishiikebukuro. Cocktails using the edible flower, which is beautiful to look at, and craft beer, which is prepared at any time, are popular. Following the tie-up with Ikebukuro Parco in 2021, the main poster provided a bouquet of dried flowers.


3-30-6 Nishiikebukuro, Toshima-ku, Tokyo

  • Campaign held on Ikebukuro Parco official Instagram

During the campaign period, a gift campaign will be held on the official Instagram of Ikebukuro Parco!
Coordination of items worn by Mila Aina’s advertisement, HANA BAR original novelty, and other gift campaigns will be held sequentially during the period exclusively for Ikebukuro Parco official Instagram followers.
We will also introduce sustainable related items in Ikebukuro Parco from time to time.

-Ikebukuro Parco Official Instagram Account


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