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“I can’t help it” and “Thank you for your hard work” are popular! The appeal of the Japanese language from a foreigner’s perspective

NOVA Language Company Co., Ltd., which operates two English conversation service businesses, “Ekimae Study Abroad NOVA'' and “Gaba One-on-One English Conversation,'' conducted a survey of its foreign instructors about the appeal of Japan and announced the ranking of the most popular words. Did. “I can't help it'' and “Thank you for your hard work'' ranked high, demonstrating the depth of the Japanese language.

“It can’t be helped” is overwhelmingly popular

In this survey, the most popular answer among foreign instructors was “I can't help it.” The phrase received 22 votes and was highly praised by instructors, who said it was “incredibly useful,'' “makes you feel lighter,'' and “a wonderful phrase to use to explain situations that are beyond your control.'' Masu. It also introduces a fun side that can be used as a pun for “no ginger''.

Japan's feelings expressed in “Thank you for your hard work”

The second choice was “Thank you for your hard work'' (13 votes). Lecturers also highly praised this word, which symbolizes Japan's work culture. “It's a wonderful phrase that expresses a desire to share experiences with others,'' and the understanding behind it of the Japanese way of working can also be seen.

The versatility of “It’s okay”

The third place, “It's okay,” received high praise from instructors, who said it “can overcome everything” and “is the most user-friendly word that can be used in a variety of situations.” In particular, it is introduced with idiomatic phrases such as “My stomach is flat,'' which gives you a sense of the fun of Japanese.

You can also use “dangerous” and “troublesome”

Rankings below 4th place include “dangerous,'' “troublesome,'' and “do your best.'' Among them, “Do your best'' has been praised as “a simple expression that conveys great feelings.''

In this way, from a foreigner's perspective, the depth and expressiveness of the Japanese language becomes apparent. It was an interesting result that allowed us to get a glimpse of Japanese culture.

*Information from 5th place onwards is also available on the NOVA official website.


■Survey overview

Survey method: Internet questionnaire
Number of valid responses: 287 foreign instructors
Survey period: February 20-29, 2024

【Company Profile】

Company name: NOVA Language Company Co., Ltd.
Representative: Kyoko Kumai, President and Representative Director
Ekimae Study Abroad NOVA official website:https://www.nova.co.jp/


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