Japan Advertisers Association's Hiroshi Hayashi appointed as general host of ExchangeWire ATS Tokyo 2024, building a bridge between advertisers, media companies and technology[ニュース] – Exchangewire Japan

Global Events brought to you by ExchangeWireATS Tokyo 2024.The Ad Trading Summit (ATS), which covers trends in Japan's programmatic marketing and advertising industry as well as future market trends in Japan and overseas, will be held in Tokyo for the second year in a row.

This time, Mr. Hiroshi Hayashi will be attending the event to be held on Friday, November 22nd.ATS Tokyo2024I have been selected to serve as the general host of the event.

After working for a publishing company, a systems development company, and a brief period of moratorium, Hayashi joined the Japan Advertisers Association. He serves as the office manager of the Japan Advertisers Association, a public interest incorporated association, and is in charge of running a “place” for digital marketing and communication specialists, as well as planning seminars.

We also have extensive interactions with marketing professionals from many of Japan's leading advertising companies.

“Many advertisers feel that not only is there a lack of transparency caused by the major platforms' monopolizing the market, but the same thing is happening with the open Internet. I've heard that for every 10% that an advertiser invests, only about 3% remains with the media company. If profits are not properly returned to the media companies that create the primary content, the open Internet will die. I think it is necessary to show who is playing what role in the middle, and how much of a share they are getting,” he said, pointing out the current challenges.

He continued, “Japanese advertisers are placing too much emphasis on advertising budgets on major platforms. Aren't there one or two media outlets, such as websites or apps, that you regularly use in addition to the major social media platforms? There are many excellent solutions that can save those media outlets, both in Japan and around the world. I believe there are still many different approaches to increasing the number of true fans of your brand, products, and services. I would be happy if I could be a bridge connecting you all with programmatic marketing solutions at ATS Tokyo 2024.”

In response to this,ATS Tokyo 2024ExchangeWire, the organizer of this year's event, and the ExchangeWire JAPAN editorial team (Digital InFact, Inc.), which supports it, aim to reaffirm the long-standing industry challenge of traceability of advertising investments from the advertiser's perspective, and more broadly, transparency and fairness in advertising, as a common underlying theme for the entire agenda of this year's event. We aim to create content that will encourage advertisers, media companies, advertising agencies, and solution vendors to come together in one place to engage in open discussion and interaction.


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