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[Intermediate adjustment]The Satsuki Sho in the previous race will start from the 16th place on the way, and at the final 4 corners, go around the outside and go straight. He responsively grew up with the fastest legs of the members, but finished in 3rd place with a difference of 0 seconds and 3 seconds. After that, the camp chose to make adjustments in the stable for Derby. It seems that the reaction of GI defeat is not so much, and it seems that there is only an increase in the amount used. The first clock was May 1st, 4 weeks before the race, which was also earlier than the middle of the Yayoi Sho ⇒ Satsuki Sho, which was 5 weeks in the middle. After that, the slope, the course, and the pool are used together to make ambitious adjustments, so it is good not to feel tired at all. One week before, Taketoyo jockey got on board and carved a certain amount of lap from the beginning, and the last was loaded with a squeaky load and marked a masterpiece of 3F 35 seconds 5-1F 11 seconds 2 (full). The clock itself was amazing, but once I got out of it and started to fluff, the saddle set up and I was able to reignite my feelings.

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[Final run-off]As with the previous race and Satsuki Sho, the race to refrain from transporting to the Kanto region This week, the content was digested to the extent that it was played on a poly track. In a good way, the road went on in an atmosphere that made me feel “play”, and on the straight line guided along the outer ratch, I was able to accelerate smoothly from a tingling atmosphere. The atmosphere is sharp and there is no worry about extending the distance.

[Opinion]I wonder if I’m feeling better after coming here, and I’ve been able to recover quickly from the damage caused by the Yayoi Sho, Satsuki Sho, and the strong opponents in the Kanto region, and the ideal adjustment process. Especially this time, the situation was better than the middle of the previous run, and the attack was strengthened at once. But above all, it is also proudly made mentally. This horse is probably the closest to the top of the generation.

Comprehensive evaluation “S”

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