“Japan International Online Halal Showcase” will be released on May 20th! !!

  • About Japan International Online Halal Showcase

The “Japan International Online Halal Showcase” lists not only halal-certified products but also Muslim-friendly products such as halal, an ingredient (evidence) recommended by the Japan Halal Business Association, and the product composition is largely tailored to the global era. It is a feature.
Target products are categorized into foods (agriculture, forestry and fishery products, processed foods, beverages, seasonings, etc.), health foods (supplements, etc.), cosmetics, daily necessities, etc., and some raw materials are also listed. Currently, it is one of the member support service menus limited to general members of the Japan Halal Business Association (about 150 private companies * as of the end of April 2022). General member of Japan Halal Business Association:https://jhba.jp/member/ Can be posted. * Examination required for membership

The homepage of the Japan Halal Business Association is viewed by many people in charge of product development, buyers and planning / sales staff for companies, and it has an unusual number of visits of about 15,000 PV per month as a specialized niche site. Recently, the number of inquiries about halal-certified products has increased rapidly, so we have created a prototype product introduction site in collaboration with Franlinks Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Representative: Hiroki Chiba). It was established within the Halal Japan Association to make improvements and improve the satisfaction of general members.

Searching for overseas-made halal foods and products has become commonplace in Rakuten and Amazon over the last decade, but searching for Japanese-made halal products (including raw materials) is still not easy. It is said that there are about 550 companies (* according to the Japan Halal Business Association) that have acquired halal certification in Japan. In the future, as a platform for Japanese-made halal products, we will strengthen our product lineup, aim for 1000 products from 200 companies, and focus on English-speaking, cross-border e-commerce in collaboration with trading companies, and overseas test sales business. .. We also plan to develop advertising and sales promotion businesses in Southeast Asia.

Currently[Limited 10 companies]Spring Halal Japan Association general member enrollment campaign is underway. * Until June 30, 2022, Korona-ka is in the process of being damaged, but preparations for export / advancement to the Islamic market and inbound response have begun. Before halal business (including halal certification) consulting, it is very important to collect information such as news, basic learning, confirm the ingredients (evidence) of the products handled, and carry out test marketing of halal-compatible products. First of all, I would like to inform you about the spring campaign of the Japan Halal Business Association. If you become a general member of the Japan Halal Business Association now, you will have three benefits. The annual membership fee is about 4,000 yen per month and is 50,000 yen per year (admission fee 10,000 yen). * Consumption tax is not included

★ If you have a halal-compatible product, the online halal showcase JIOHAS will be posted for free.

★ Free issuance of ingredient (evidence) halal certificate
No pork, no alcohol, no animal, no alcohol, no animal recommended mark will be issued free of charge + certificate of recommended mark (A4 size) will be issued without actual cost burden

★ Sales are recorded on the product purchase invoice using 10,000 yen (wholesale price) as a sample.
Purchase is limited to products, but hotels, restaurants, etc. in the service industry will be distributed to nearby mosques and Muslim communities, such as gift certificates.

◇ Inquiries about Japan International Online Halal Showcase
Company: JHBA General Incorporated Association Japan Halal Business Association / Mizuno / Sakuma
Representative: Tomohiro Sakuma, Representative Director
Address: 2-49-7 Minamiikebukuro, Toshima-ku, Tokyo Ikebukuro Park Building 1st floor
Phone: 03-4540-7564 (main) FAX: 050-3730-7549
WEB: https://jhba.jp/
Mail: info@jhba.jp
Contribution: 10,500,000 yen
Established: October 1, 2012

◇ Contact a halal trading company for handling halal certified products and requesting business negotiations.
Company: Asset Frontier Co., Ltd. In charge / Zhu Miyajima
Representative: Representative Director Satoshi Shimai
Address: Morikawa Building 2F, 2-7-9 Shibadaimon, Minato-ku, Tokyo 105-0012
Phone: TEL 03-6721-5965 FAX: FAX 03-6721-5905
Mail: mail@ assetfrontier.net
Capital: 31,000,000 yen
Founded: April 2014


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