Japanese companies are advertising one after another at the Dodgers campsite…The Otani effect is spreading, and marketing staff is negotiating with about 20 companies – Sponichi Annex Baseball

Otani standing at bat during a live BP game watched by a large crowd of fans (Photo by Yoshiki Shiratori)
Photo By Sponichi

The economic effects of the additions of Ohtani and Yamamoto are also noticeable in Glendale, Arizona, where the Dodgers camp. Advertisements such as “Churu'' by “Inaba Pet Food,'' “Nippon Kanzai Center,'' and “Kowa'' were posted under the back net of the stadium, along with advertisements for Otani's “transfer'' from the Angels, where he played until last season. There are also advertisements.

There were 11,623 spectators on this day, which was the first open game at the same location. Ron Rosen, the Dogun's chief marketing officer, told U.S. media, “82% of the audience is from outside the state.It's very popular.Since we signed with Otani, we've had business talks with about 20 Japanese companies.'' did.

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