Junho and Kim Tae-ri win the Acting Award & Popularity Award! The grand prize is “Squid Game” 58th Baeksang Arts Awards | cinemacafe.net

The award ceremony for the 58th Baeksang Arts Awards, a prestigious comprehensive art festival that commends excellent works such as Korean dramas and movies, was held on the evening of May 6th (Friday), and the winners announced. In the TV category, which Japanese Korean drama fans are paying attention to, the Grand Prize was shared with the world-famous “Squid Game”, and the Best Picture was shared with “DP-The Escapee Tracker-” for the first time in the Netflix original series.

The “58th Baeksang Arts Awards” will be offered on the terrestrial broadcasting, general programming channels, cables, OTT (over-the-top media), and the web from April 12, 2021 to March 31, 2022. Content that was released, and works that were released in Japan at the same time.

This year, the MC was greeted by actor Bae Suzy, talent Shin Dong-yup, and actor Park Bo-gum, who will be the first activity after the discharge. “Red Sleeve” (original title), which has attracted a great deal of attention in the home country, overcoming Lee Jung Jae and others who starred in “Squid Game”Junho(2PM) won the Men’s Best Performance Award and the TikTok Popularity Award by general voting.

Women’s Best Acting Award was also expected to be a melee, but “My Name: Falsehood and Revenge” Han So Hee, “Juvenile Justice” Kim Hye Soo, “Red Sleeve” Lee Se Young, “The King’s Affirmation” Park Eun Bin While being nominated, he played the role of a high school student in “25, 21”.Kim Tae RiWas awarded. It was also selected for the TikTok Popularity Award.

In the movie section, a veteran who first appeared in a film directed by Hong Sang Soo,Lee Hye YoungWon the Best Female Performance Award for “In front of your face”.

Lee Hye Young “In front of your face”

He appeared in “Squid Game” and “All of Us Are Dead …” one after another and attracted attention.Lee YumiWon the female rookie award in the movie category for “Young Adult Matters” (original title). Released on July 1st (Friday), director Ryoo Seung Wan’s “14 Days to Escape from Mogadis” won the Grand Prize and Best Picture.

“14 days until Mogadish escape”

Main award results in the TV drama category

Grand prize“Squid game”

Best Picture“DP-Escapee Tracker-“

Directing awardHwang Dong Hyuk “Squid Game”

Screenplay AwardKim Min Seok “Juvenile Justice”

Male Best Performance AwardJunho “Red Sleeve” (original title)

Women’s Best Performance AwardKim Tae Ri “Twenty-Five, Twenty-one”

Male Supporting AwardCho Hyun Chul “DP-Escapee Tracker-“

Female Supporting AwardKim Shin-rok “Hell is calling”

Male rookie awardKoo Kyo-hwan “DP-Escapee Tracker-“

Female rookie awardKim Hye Jun “Inspector Koo Kyung-yi”

TikTok Popularity AwardJunho / Kim Tae Ri

Main award results in the movie category

Grand prize“14 days until Mogadish escape”

Best Picture“14 days until Mogadish escape”

Director AwardByun Sung Hyun “King Maker: Maker of the Election” (original title)

New Director AwardJo Eun Ji “Perhaps Love” (original title)

Screenplay AwardJung Ga-young, Wang Hae-ji “Romance without love”

Male Best Performance AwardSol Kyung-gu “King Maker: Maker of the Election”

Women’s Best Performance AwardLee Hye Young “In front of your face”

Male Supporting AwardJo Woo Jin “King Maker: Maker of the Election”

Female Supporting AwardLee Soo Kyung “Letters, Railroad Tracks and Little Miracles”

Male rookie awardLee Hong Nae “Hot Blooded” (English title)

Female rookie awardLee Yumi “Young Adult Matters” (original title)


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