“King & Prince. ]Finally give up declaration in popular project !? Pinch to Yuta Kishi’s original English | Akita Sakigake Shinpo electronic version

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Broadcast on the 16th

Broadcast on the 16th “King & Prince. Takahashi Kaito, Hirano Sho Hirano (C) Nippon Television

The Japanese TV variety “King & Prince” broadcast on the 16th, featuring the popular group King & Prince. 』(Every Saturday after 1:30 * Kanto local), we will send the second two-pronged project” Japanese prohibited! English Cooking “and” Kishi, make a creature picture book. “

[Photo]Cake produced by King & Prince members for the first time

In “English Cooking,” which relies on Yuta Kishi’s Katakoto English recipe, Hirano Sho Hirano and Kaito Takahashi (* high = Hiyajiru) challenge “Hiyajiru” in 30 seconds of recipe explanation time. Will the main ingredients “horse mackerel opening = open taste fish” and the essential item “mortar = three eight” for making cold soup be transmitted to two people?

On the other hand, Ren Nagase and Yuta Jinguji, who are not good at cooking, challenge “chawanmushi”. “Konbu = deep green sheet” and “dried shiitake mushroom = brown mushroom mummy”, which are the decisive factors for the taste, are answered correctly, but Kishi, who has been producing many original English words, is in a bad condition this time. Finally, an unprecedented give-up declaration. However, the members perform a miracle. Which team has won?

Kishi, who loves creatures, searches for animals and insects and makes a picture book. In “Making a picture book of creatures”, the national special natural monument “King of the river, giant salamander” is the target this time. The river becomes cloudy due to the sudden rain, making it difficult to search, but is it possible to put the giant salamander in the picture book?


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