Korea’s popular kids animation “Bread Barber Shop” has finally landed in Japan! Streaming on Amazon Prime Video! “I want to work” version released for free! – Han Star!

The popular Korean children’s animation “Bread Barber Shop” is being distributed on Amazon Prime Video from July 29 (Friday), and will also be distributed on each distribution site in sequence. This time, in commemoration of the distribution, the Japanese dubbed version “I want to work” was released for free.

From South Korea, where children’s videos such as “Baby Shark” became a hot topic with 10 billion views for the first time in YouTube history, another popular animation for children “Bread Barber Shop” was born and landed in Japan! It became popular overseas, and in Korea, it stood shoulder to shoulder with nationally popular children’s cartoons such as “Pom Pom Pororo” and “Simbia Apartment”. The story of transforming a troubled customer with wonderful decorations became explosively popular in Korea.

Korean kids channel (DAEKYO Kids, etc.) won the first place across the board in terms of TV monthly ratings. Due to its popularity, seasons 2 and 3 were also produced (this work is season 1) and has captured the hearts of many children. In addition, “Challenge! K-Startup 3rd Place Minister of Education Award”, “Korea Entrepreneurship League Grand Prize SME Venture Minister Award”, “WAF 2016 Grand Prize Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism Award” and “Sapporo International Short Film Festival Best Children’s Short Award” It received a lot of attention and won awards.

Toys and stationery are also on sale, and games, musicals, and puppet shows are also produced. The number of subscribers on the official YouTube channel exceeded 1 million, and the total number of views exceeded 400 million, proving its popularity. In addition, along with the cuteness of the characters, goods such as toys and stationery are also very popular. A big hit content that games, musicals, and puppet shows are also produced!

Amazon Prime Video:https://amzn.to/3OEQoqQ

Official site:https://www.cinemart.co.jp/dc/k/bbs.html

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