“LE SSERAFIM”, a hot newcomer who is also paying attention to the Japanese broadcasting world … Extremely popular at the same time as his debut | K-POP, Korean entertainment news, coverage report!

The Korean girl group “LE SSERAFIM” has received a hot reaction in Japan.

On the 2nd, in line with the debut of “LE SSERAFIM”, a leading Japanese broadcasting company focused on the debut of “LE SSERAFIM”. Popular programs such as Fuji TV “Mezamashi TV”, Nippon TV “ZIP!”, TBS “THE TIME,” and Nagoya TV “Dodesuka!” Launched “LE SSERAFIM” in cooperation with HYBE and its affiliated label, SOURCE MUSIC. , Introduced as the first girls group.

“LE SSERAFIM” is enjoying high popularity with the debut album “FEARLESS” at the same time as the debut. The album “FEARLESS” recorded No. 1 on the album daily chart on May 2nd and 3rd on the main sound source site “mora” for two consecutive days, and also went up to No. 1 on the album chart on May 2nd on “RecoChoku”.

In addition, the debut song “FEARLESS” was ranked 161st in “TOP200-Japan” on the first day of its release, and then on the chart dated May 3rd the next day, it rose 107th and went up to 54th. This song has received a lot of attention on May 3rd and 4th, including being ranked 4th on the top song chart of “LINE Music”.

On the other hand, “LE SSERAFIM” will appear on TBS “CDTV Live! Live!” Which will be broadcast on the 9th, and will perform the debut song “FEARLESS”.

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