Negin literally translates as “the diamond on a ring”. Negin Cut Saffron threads are bright crimson with a yellow style of less than one percent.Super Negin saffron is known not only for being the most potent but also for its aesthetically pleasing features. Super Negin threads are longer in length and contain no yellow or orange threads at all as compared to the normal negin threads. Super Negin is differentiated from normal negin strands by its color, length and thickness. Only the best strands which have been harvested perfectly and sorted for size and dried within 24 hours creating a beautiful bright red color qualify as Super Negin. Strands which do not meet the criteria of Super Negin due to size or imperfections during the sorting and drying process are considered as normal negin strands and sold as such.Simply put, Super Negin is what the farmer himself uses to make his saffron tea or cook his saffron rice. Only the best strands sorted and collected from hundreds or thousands of kilograms of saffron which qualify to be called Super Negin are sorted and packed at our processing centre before being sold to our customers.


This quality has according to ISO-Norm 3632-2– colouring, Crocin, of about 240– flavour, Safranal, of about 50– bitterness, Picrocrocin, of about 95. Super Negin Saffron MoistureSuper Negin Saffron is very sensitive to moisture. Because its filaments are dried and only needs it for fragrance so its moisture should be under 8.2%. Super Negin Saffron ColorIts coloring is red and rich and power (ninety-nine percent is red). Its Color Strength is about 240 USP.



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