Natsuko Yokozawa is moved to tears by popular entertainer's follow-up during her pregnancy, “Japan's Treasure”. Eats instead of raw food on location… “How kind of a senior are you?”: J-CAST News[View full text]

Comedian Natsuko Yokozawa appeared on “Witness Variety Anta Watchman!” (TV Asahi), which was broadcast on February 6, 2024. She tearfully revealed the “divine treatment'' she received from Hiroya Yamazaki of the comedy duo “Untouchables,'' who is affectionately known as “Zakiyama'' when she was pregnant.

  • From the official X (@neta_sand) of “Witness Variety: Anta Watchman!”

    From the official X (@neta_sand) of “Witness Variety: Anta Watchman!”

  • From the official X (@neta_sand) of “Witness Variety: Anta Watchman!”

    From the official X (@neta_sand) of “Witness Variety: Anta Watchman!”

  • “Untouchable” Hiroya Yamazaki (Photographed in 2015)

While filming on location in Hokkaido, I couldn't eat seafood or raw food…

After marrying a non-celebrity man in 2017, she gave birth to her first child, a girl, in February 2020, her second child in October 2021, and her third child, a girl, in June 2023. She is currently a mother of three children. A certain Mr. Yokozawa. Although she is currently working hard to balance her work and family life, she mentioned on the program that something happened during her pregnancy that provided her with “great emotional support” in terms of work.

Yokozawa visited Hokkaido to film a TV program at a time when she thought, “There's still a time when I can't tell anyone about my pregnancy, right?'' There, she said, there were times when she had to eat raw foods such as seafood, but this was prohibited for her pregnant woman. “It's hard to tell the staff,'' he said, so after consulting with his manager, he spoke only to Mr. Yamazaki, “I'm sorry, actually…'' and Mr. Yamazaki answered, “Yeah, I understand, I understand. It's okay.'' “Yeah, yeah. I guess that's what you meant, congratulations. That was great,'' he said, understanding everything without me having to say it and congratulating me.

Mr. Yokozawa was very impressed: “Mr. Zakiyama is a treasure of Japan.''

Later, when they were eating salted squid and other dishes, Mr. Yamazaki followed up by saying, “Don't you need to eat Nacchan?'', and Mr. Yokozawa said, “Thank you for making sure I didn't eat it so quickly. He also ate the salted squid.'' “This person is so kind…! Mr. Zakiyama! I think he's a wonderful person.'' I was impressed. On top of that, “(Mr. Yamazaki) said to me, “I hope your baby grows up healthy.'' I thought about how kind of a senior he is, and that made me so happy.'' “What a kind world.'' I wonder what it is. Mr. Zakiyama is a treasure of Japan. He is the one who will change Japan from now on…” he thought as he looked back with tears in his eyes.

Mr. Yamazaki also had his first child, a daughter, in July 2016, and his second child, a second daughter, in December 2019, and is a father raising two children. He said that he remembered Mr. Yokozawa's episode, saying, “It was around the same time that I (my child) was born, so I looked at how my wife felt, and I thought, “I see.'''' It came from experience. Yokozawa once again praised her highly, saying, “I didn't look at her like that!On the contrary, I thought she was the type to say to people around her, “I'm pregnant!''''


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