Pangle works with Google AdMob as a Bidding partner[ニュース] -Exchangewire Japan

Mobile app advertising platform Pangle, developed by TikTok for Business, has announced a partnership with Google AdMob as a Bidding partner. This will give app developers and publishers using Google AdMob access to their own ad demands sent from TikTok for Business.

(Sponsored by Pangle)

Google AdMob is the newest addition to Pangle’s current mediation partners MAX, ironSource, DT FairBid, Appodeal, AdMost, Nimbus, TradPlus and TopOn.

With this partnership, app developers and publishers who have implemented Pangle on Google AdMob will be able to take advantage of non-intrusive ad formats such as interstitial ads, banner ads and rewarded ads.

After operating the beta version of the SDK, all app developers and publishers can use this product from July 28th.

“Through our partnership with Google Admob, Pangle will be able to access TikTok’s unique demand as a trusted ad network, enabling app developers and publishers to maximize revenue,” said Leon Zhong, Pangle’s Head of Business Development. App developers and publishers who have implemented Pangle on Google AdMob can now benefit from Pangle’s high monetization performance in emerging markets around the world.”

Some publishers who have been using Bidding to serve Pangle ads since the SDK’s beta days have been impressed with the test results.

Celia Wang, Adraic Music Monetization Manager, added, “Adaric implemented Pangle Bidding via AdMob mediation and was able to get great performance results with very high fill rates and eCPMs. Not only that, the convenience of Bidding has saved us a lot of time in coding and configuration, and the SDK integration has gone smoothly.We are happy to expand our business with our trusted partners Pangle and Google AdMob. “It has said.


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