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Masanori Kanda, who was introduced as a charismatic management consultant in NHK E-Tele’s “The Power of the Predecessors”, spread copywriting technology, which has been selling for over 100 years in the United States, in Japan for a quarter of a century.
The culmination of 25 years of the leading person is “Complete copy writing technology ── The principle of words that will continue to sell for 100 years』.
It is an unprecedented “blunt instrument book” that has been written down from the past 100 years to the principles of the next 100 years.
In fact, despite being 3520 yen (tax included), “The strongest cospa bookIt has become a hot topic.
Acquire four powers (judgment, thinking, expression, transmission)[Copywriting Technology 100]Complete coverage
[BTRNUTSS Heading Checker][PASBECONA Template][PMM Search Sheet]First public release
Not only “what to say” but also “what to say” is fully compatible with paper, web and smartphones.
Mr. Kanda says. “It is not an exaggeration to say that the title is” Taizen “. A wide range of fields beyond conventional copywriting ── from business strategy and marketing strategy to effect measurement / analysis, text design, expression technology and ideas ── 100 in total It took endless work to connect the copywriting techniques across the board and put them together in a system that is easy to put into practical use. In fact, the two co-authors were saved by copywriting when they were hitting a big wall without seeing the future of their lives. “
Masanori Kanda, the first person, and Junichi Kinda, a co-author who resigned from the management position of a large company for a child with cerebral palsy and became a marketing copywriter. This time as well, I will introduce the points that are useful to the reader by excerpting from the text.

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[Complete copy writing technology]The leading Japanese copywriting, listed at the end of the bookMasanori Kanda’s Copywriting Guidance 29The 18th time to introduce.

This time,”Why do customers only ask about the price?

It may be the perfect word for you who have such a question.

18 18.. Customers only ask about prices because you haven’t told them about product criteria other than prices.
“”New Edition How to get good customers on a small budget』\

Customers gather according to the message they sent.

If you make “cheap” a selling point, people who react to “cheap” will gather.

If you think your customer is “only thinking about the price”, isn’t the advertising message “how cheap is it compared to other companies?” Or “how good is this price?” Let’s review it.

It doesn’t mean you shouldn’t talk about prices.

The important thing is, before we talk about pricesBenefits of products and servicesIs well communicated to customers.

And then thatAppeal that the benefits are cheaper than the priceYou just have to do it.

PS.1. “Complete copy writing technologyI explained how to useSeminar videoYou can see.
(This video may end without notice)

PS.2.This bookAt the beginning and end of the book, the four strongest weapons that dramatically increase your sales …[PMM search sheet][PMM self-check sheet][“BTRNUTSS” heading checker][PASBECONA template]is released for the first time in the bookDid.
It is a condensed version of the wisdom of a quarter century.Immediate effect and reproducibilityIs secured.
I hope you can use it with your own hands and get results.


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