Radio program “Sunday to Guess C” that makes you want to work from Sunday Every Sunday from 24:30 to 25:00 FM Yokohama starts distribution! | KOC ・ JAPAN press release

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  • I want to work from Sunday! Radio program “Sunday to C”

It will be fun if more people want to work from Sunday!

If there are idols and people who want to recommend from Sunday, it will be fun!

“Imaizumi”, who makes legends on numerous programs, and “Kaori”, who is in charge of interesting things about C-Pon run by KOC JAPAN,Seasonal idol informationor,Deals on restaurants and beauty treatment salonsDelivered. It’s a powerful and most enjoyable 30 minutes!

  • Message from personality Kaori
I work regardless of the day of the week. Because work is fun!

My eldest daughter is a nerd.

I’m willing to buy goods and cheer for them.

To tribute“Recommendation”I was told.

A new coined word.

I have a good taste! I think.

“Pushing” is fun, isn’t it?

My recommendation is my children.

Everyday work is also for children and for everyone.

I think I’m doing it for the joy of someone I like.

However, when it comes to “work,” I think there is a time when everyone has a negative image of wanting to quit, not wanting to go, and I think many people are in the midst of that.

Such a personListening to the radio, I want to get rid of it from Sunday!

I want to make the program fun!

With that in mind, I started “Recommendation C from Sunday”.

Kaopon is still studying as a radio personality and is taking on the challenge.

I would be grateful if you could listen to the radio and give us your impressions!

Thanks to C-Pon, we have achieved 200,000 users in two years, even though we were founded in Korona-ka. We have decided to start a radio program this time in order to have more people use C-Pon and to make Japan more profitable.
In addition to the number of users, the number of member stores has exceeded 3,000. We are working every day to contribute to stores suffering from Korona-ka. We will continue to value our relationships and provide good services for users, affiliated stores, and companies.

DJ Imaizumi in charge

Formed “SKIP COWS” in 1990. Made his major debut in 1997 with the single “Red Hand”.
Since then, 13 singles (including limited distribution) and 11 albums have been released. We celebrated the 22nd anniversary of the band’s formation. Along with band activities, he also has a wide range of activities as an individual of “Imaizumi”, such as providing lyrics to TV, radio, magazines, and artists.

In charge of interesting things at KOC / JAPAN, which runs “C-Pon”. He is raising three children. He’s a gluttonous drinker, and he’s a person who loves people. His inscription is “Sampo good”! He is devoting his energy to making C-Pon known to many people.

Broadcasting station: FM yokohama 84.7
Broadcast time: Every Sunday from 24:30 to 25:00
Program email address:

C-pon homepage URL:

C-Pon is an electronic payment service that is integrated with the advertising business. In Hong Kong, we have recently expanded into Japan as a business model that has been stable and successful for over 30 years.

● Users: Free registration service that allows you to use the service at 20% off virtually anytime, anywhere

With this service, users can obtain C-pons equal to or more than the purchase price (example: purchase for 8,000 yen → provide C-pons equivalent to 10,000 yen), and can be used at member restaurants with the same value as actual cash. increase. As a result, users have the benefit of receiving 20% ​​off service at virtually any time, and the store they want to visit can be easily searched on the C-pon site.
Currently, there are more than 3000 affiliated stores. We plan to further expand the service in the future.

● Merchant: Post information on the site for free to publicize and attract customers
Member stores can post store information on the site for free. Since users search for the store they want to go to from the C-pon site, they can carry out public relations activities due to lack of human resources and funds, such as “I can’t handle updating SNS and homepage” and “There is no person with public relations knowledge in the company”. It will be much easier for you to find stores that you did not have.
And in Korona-ka, especially the fixed advertising fee is a big burden on the store. Many member stores are pleased with this system because it leads to attracting customers without having such anxiety.
* C-pon usage amount will be redeemed at a later date through KOC.
* It is a “complete performance fee type” in which a fee is charged when cashing.

● Influencers: Public relations activities for portal sites, WEB media, etc.
The number of registrants is expected to increase in the future due to influencer marketing that makes use of KOC’s unique personal connections.
Also, posting by influencers will help restaurants.


  • Future outlook ~ 1 million users, 20,000 member stores ~

The initial schedule has been significantly revised upward, aiming for 500,000 users and 10,000 member stores in this term, and then aiming for 1 million users and 20,000 member stores.
In addition, since it is a service that originated in Hong Kong, we are expanding not only in Japan but also in the future with the idea of ​​expanding globally from Asia such as Hong Kong, Malaysia, and Taiwan.
In the future, we will continue to expand awareness not only in radio programs but also in TV commercials and business magazines, and contribute to many people.

Location: 4th floor, Tokyo Pearl Building, 6-16-3 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 104-0061
Representative Director: Junji Shimizu
Capital: 200 million yen
Business content: Advertising agency business centered on restaurants / application development and operation

Email address:


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