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(source:NEXER Inc.)

NEXER Inc.is a Kintsugi class.Kintsugi Living” conducted a survey on “Japanese cultural experiences recommended for overseas travelers” in collaboration with Japan Travel Guide Japan and released the results. The survey was conducted from May 27 to May 30, 2024, with 1,000 men and women from across the country responding. The results of this survey revealed a ranking of Japanese cultural experiences that Japanese people would recommend to overseas travelers.

(source:NEXER Inc.)

Coming in first was “tea ceremony,” which received 220 votes. Tea ceremony is a culture that allows you to experience Japanese delicacy with all five senses, and it was praised for being easy for foreigners to enjoy. It is also said to be attractive because it allows you to experience wabi-sabi and refined manners. Another reason it has received so much support is that you can enjoy delicious tea and Japanese sweets.

Coming in second was “Kimono Rental.” This experience, which received 173 votes, was praised for being easy to enjoy for anyone regardless of age or gender, and for making it easy to capture memories in photos. You can wear a kimono and enjoy sightseeing, and even upload selfies to social media, which can really enhance the travel experience.

In third place was “calligraphy,” which received 94 votes. Calligraphy has a calming effect on the mind, and it would be a valuable experience for foreigners who are experiencing using Chinese characters and a brush for the first time. It was also evaluated that calligraphy allows people to feel the aesthetic sense and spirituality of the Japanese people.


Coming in fourth was “Japanese sweets making,” which received 84 votes. Making Japanese sweets is considered a recommended experience because it not only lets you learn about their deliciousness, but also lets you appreciate the incredible skill involved in making them yourself, and increases the enjoyment you feel when eating them. Japanese sweets are an experience that is sure to appeal to foreigners, too, as they can be enjoyed for both their beautiful appearance and their taste.

Coming in fifth place was the Japanese drum. Wadaiko, which received 81 votes, is known for its powerful and powerful sound, and many people said they would like foreign travelers to experience this powerful Japanese instrument.

(source:Kintsugi Living)

From 6th place onwards, other attractive experiences were ranked. In 6th place was the “Ninja experience” with 60 votes. The ninja experience is appreciated because it is an enjoyable experience. In 7th place was “Pottery” with 53 votes. The appeal of pottery is that you can use tableware you made yourself and it helps you concentrate. In 8th place was the “Kintsugi experience” with 49 votes. It was appreciated for the spirit of Kintsugi, which involves carefully remaking broken things. In 9th place was “Rickshaw sightseeing” with 42 votes. It was appreciated for the experience of touring tourist spots on a rickshaw. In 10th place was “Kendo” with 32 votes. Kendo is appreciated for the opportunity to experience the Japanese spirit.

The survey results showed that the overwhelming number of votes for the No. 1 answer was “tea ceremony,” which allows you to experience the essence of Japanese culture, “wabi, sabi,” and is extremely popular among Japanese people because it allows you to enjoy delicious tea and sweets. The No. 8 answer, “kintsugi experience,” is a rare opportunity to experience the Japanese spirit of cherishing things. Even chipped or broken tableware can often be made even more tasteful by kintsugi. The results of this survey showed that only precious cultures that not only overseas travelers but also Japanese people want to experience were ranked.


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