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The race will be held on February 24th local time at King Abdulaziz Racecourse in Saudi Arabia.saudi cup(4 years old from the Northern Hemisphere, 3 years old from the Southern Hemisphere, Sha G1, Da 1800m). This year, in addition to the sale of pari-mutuel betting tickets in Japan, we are also expecting a great deal of excitement in Japan as well, as many gorgeous members will be participating.

Current odds from bookmakers say 23 years.BC ClassicConqueror White Avario is recommended as the most popular.Below, Japaneselemon pop,Dermasotogake.PegasusAcross from National Treasure, which won the WC,UshubatesoroIt continues.crown prideThe odds are 26.0x.

The odds are as follows.

◆Saudi C odds (as of 2/23)
*Odds from British bookmaker “William Hill”

3.75 White Avario
5.5lemon pop
7.5 National Treasure
12.0 Saudi Crown
17.0 Senor Bascador
19.0 Isolate
21.0 Defanded
26.0crown pride
29.0 Hoistthe gold
34.0 Scotland Yard
34.0 Power in Numbers


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