SBI SECURITIES’YouTube channel “Business Drive!” Was selected as a finalist in “YouTube Works Awards Japan 2022”

May 30, 2022

SBI SECURITIES Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, President: Masato Takamura, hereinafter “the Company”) is operated by the Company.YouTube channel “Business Drive!”However, at the “YouTube Works Awards Japan 2022” where seven category awards and grand prix will be announced on June 2, 2022 (Thursday), “Best Innovation DepartmentWe are pleased to inform you that we have been selected as a finalist.

“YouTube Works Awards” is an advertising award that recognizes video ads that have achieved high effectiveness on YouTube. It is a prestigious award judged by creators representing the advertising world and YouTube, and has been held in the United Kingdom and then around the world such as the United States. Held for the first time in May 2021 in Japan, 40 companies were selected as finalists from more than 300 applicants, and seven category awards and grand prix were decided.

In “YouTube Works Awards Japan 2022”, “Best Innovation Category”, “Best Sales Lift Category”, “Best Target Reach Category”, “Creative Effectiveness Category”, “Force for Good Category”, “Performance for Action Category”, “YouTube Creator Collaboration Category” We have a total of 7 divisions, and we have been selected as a finalist in the “Best Innovation Division” that recognizes innovative initiatives that utilize YouTube.

The YouTube channel “Business Drive!”, Which we will operate from October 2021, will be used by young people and assets who are not familiar with investment through the distribution of content based on the concept of “#Jibun is accelerating the possibility.” We aim to be an opportunity for those who are interested in operations to take the first step toward the future.
We plan to start distributing new content from this summer, aiming to be a program that is supported by young people who are interested in investing.

■ “YouTube Works Awards Japan 2022” Best Innovation Division Finalist

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■ SBI SECURITIES YouTube channel “Business Drive!”

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