Sensor Tower's Pathmatics now supports Facebook and Instagram in Japan, strengthening digital advertising analysis in the Japanese market | Press release from Sensor Tower

Sensor Tower's digital advertising analysis intelligence “Pathmatics” is now compatible with Japan's Facebook and Instagram, and has started providing a more useful advertising analysis environment to customers in the Japanese market.

Introduction to Pathmatics

Sensor Tower's digital advertising analytics intelligence, Pathmatics, provides visibility into the digital advertising ecosystem across the United States, Australia, Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Mexico, New Zealand, Spain, and the United Kingdom.

Pathmatics introduction video

Users can learn about ads served, spend and impression estimates, share of voice (SoV), and brand advertising strategies across Facebook, Instagram, X (formerly Twitter), YouTube, display, video, mobile, and OTT. Get insights.

Since its founding in 2012, Sensor Tower has collected trillions of impressions, over 158 million creatives, over 21,000 sites, and over 201,000 advertisers. Pathmatics was chosen because of the amount of data.

By utilizing Pathmatics,

  • Where and how to buy brands

  • Channels, creative and messaging strategies brands are using

  • When brands run ads, and their successes and failures

  • Companies with the highest digital share of voice in their category

  • Competitor spending

  • Percentage of ad spend that is programmatic

  • Examples of creatives that are performing well

  • Whether the brand is testing different messages or landing pages

  • Brands launching new products and the digital strategies they use

  • Areas where spending should be increased, areas where spending should be cut

We deliver answers to questions such as these to the following data-driven users:

Brand: Spend smarter, increase revenue, reduce waste

Use Pathmatics data throughout your go-to-market process, whether it's developing a winning brand strategy, outperforming your creative campaigns, or monitoring your competitors' campaigns.

Advertising agency: Increase the number of RFP acquisitions, maintain and increase the budget

From delivering competitive pitches to creating killer creative campaigns, buying more efficiently, and reporting results your clients love, you can use Pathmatics data throughout the client journey.

Investment research company: Utilizing unique data to improve prediction accuracy and make smarter investments

PE (private equity) firms and other financial companies can analyze investment trends, platform revenues, and campaign messaging to capture new investment opportunities.

Publishers: Increase number of contracts, expand customer base, improve efficiency

Find the right prospects, prioritize leads, consider new business pitches, increase share of wallet, and more, all faster with Pathmatics data.

Popular insight examples


View your brand's spend and impression history over time.

top advertisers

See which brands you spend the most on and when.

Share of Voice (SoV)

Visualize each brand's share of voice.

Advertiser comparison

Compare brands like-for-like.

Data from over 9,000 people logging in from 42 countries around the world helps make digital advertising decisions

  • Half of Interbrand's Top 10 Best Global Brands

  • 70% of the world's largest media companies

  • Half of the 10 largest media organizations

Sensor Tower's Pathmatics removes the ambiguity surrounding the digital advertising ecosystem, allowing marketers to eliminate wasted budgets and strengthen their campaigns. With Pathmatics, you can get estimates of ads, spend, and impressions served across channels like Facebook, Instagram, X, OTT, YouTube, and more.

Introduction to Sensor Tower

Founded in San Francisco in 2013, Sensor Tower is a data and analytics company trusted by global digital companies such as Twitter, Unity, Tencent, and HBO.

Sensor Tower won the Best Analytics/Data Tool award at the Pocket Gamer Mobile Games Awards 2022.

Our Japan office will be relocated to Nippori, Tokyo from the summer of 2023 to strengthen our business in Japan, and the number of partner companies is rapidly increasing. We are increasing the number of our staff and will continue to strengthen our customer support.

Sensor Tower Japan Office Representative

Shogo Yachi

You can set up a meeting with our staff by clicking the “Request a Meeting” button:

Further information about Sensor Tower can be found on our website:

Updates on blogs and reports can be found on Sensor Tower Japan X (formerly Twitter):


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