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Many people may think of the phrase “Is there love there?” When asked about an impressive TV commercial. AIFUL Co., Ltd., known for this commercial, has long been advertising mainly on television. However, feeling the need to utilize video on digital media such as YouTube, he decided to enter the digital domain by teaming up with Septeni and Dentsu for about two years.

And it is the first recall rate that Aiful sets as KGI. How did Septeni’s unique index design and the use of research data to improve this lead to the achievement of KGI?

Regarding these efforts, Mr. Ikuo Abe, General Manager of Advertising Department, AIFUL Co., Ltd., Mr. Hime, Mr. Hime, Advertising Division, Advertising Department of AIFUL Co., Ltd., Mr. Junichi Maekawa, Senior Chief Performance Lead, Performance Growth Headquarters, Septeni Japan Co., Ltd. We talked to Nobuaki Watanabe, Chief Account Lead.

(Interviewer: ExchangeWireJAPAN Ryu Watanabe)

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How to convert the creative of high-quality TV commercials to digital! ??

-Please introduce yourself

Mr. Abe: In the advertising department to which I belong, there are marketing and in-house design organizations, and marketing has both cognitive and direct marketing teams.

Mr. What: I am involved in data analysis including TV commercials, web, digital advertising, and advertising operation management.

Mr. Maekawa: I belong to the Performance Growth Headquarters, and as a senior chief performance lead who is a player expert, I am involved in executing promotion strategies centered on operational advertising of major advertisers and improving performance.

Mr. Watanabe: With AIFUL, we have been mainly engaged in digital cognitive measures for about two years, and while comprehensively utilizing digital media, we are consistently providing support from strategic design to implementation of measures. increase.

-Please tell us about the outline of this promotion.

Mr. Abe: Until now, we have asked Dentsu to produce advertisements and publish TV commercials, and the advertising effect there was high, but the number of younger generations called low-tele and non-tele layers has increased. , Started to consider expanding into digital media. Since the creative of the commercial is high quality, I wanted to use it on the WEB, so I was introduced to Mr. Septeni, who is strong in digital, in the Dentsu Group, and I decided to work together. After that, starting with YouTube, we increased the number of distribution media such as Twitter, TVer, ABEMA, and TikTok.

Mr. Watanabe: In July 2020, we started promotion on YouTube with the creative of the “Dignified Landlady” series used in TV commercials at the center of advertising. There are a wide variety of reach methods, even if it is called YouTube, so we first verified the effect of which menu is likely to contribute to the brand lift. As a result, I was able to see the winning pattern on YouTube to some extent, so I thought about expanding the range to other media, and then started Twitter advertising.

-What was Septeni aware of in your efforts?

Mr. Watanabe: Regarding how to build an evaluation design to see how much the creative of TV commercials has a reach effect compared to TV and leads to a brand lift when it is converted digitally. I was conscious of it from the beginning of the promotion.

The purpose of Aiful’s cognitive distribution is to improve the first recall rate. It is a particularly difficult index in brand management because we aim to be the most reminiscent of many brands. In addition, how to raise the first recollection cannot be visualized by the numerical value on the management screen of the medium we use for advertising operation, and there are still few cases where we operate it while using it as a KPI. It was a thing. At the beginning of the initiative, both parties decided to start the measures after firmly establishing the evaluation design and then solidifying the idea of ​​when and how to evaluate and review the promotion to some extent. It was that.

-Where did you struggle in your efforts?

Mr. What: Originally, there was only the creative of TV commercials, so even if I used it as it was on the web, it sometimes did not lead to the achievement of the goal well. From there, I spent time making small adjustments, such as changing the length of the material and putting a logo at the beginning. In addition, the audience rating and user’s viewing attitude differ depending on each medium. YouTube users still want to watch the content, so I think that many users will skip it because it gets in the way when an advertisement appears there. On the other hand, on Twitter, I think that advertisements often enter other people’s tweets without any discomfort. With that in mind, I also took the time to grasp the characteristics of each media and think about promotions that would not get in the way.

Mr. Maekawa: In the first place, this project itself is a very advanced initiative, and it was a big challenge how to make that part while there are few successful cases. Even so, I repeated trials and errors while receiving a story from an Aiful executive saying, “I can make a mistake, so I will challenge and learn from it.”

Find a way to achieve KGI by linking multiple data

-You said that you thought about the distribution method while utilizing the research data of the research company.

Mr. Abe: I have confidence in the measurement of the research company, but there are some items that cannot be measured due to changes in the specifications on the platformer side, so it seems that Mr. Septeni is having a lot of trouble with that point. did. After that, I have looked at the numerical values ​​by measuring with alternative means, but among various media and creatives, it was not straightforward to answer which one is the best in the cross. However, thanks to Mr. Septeni, I was able to clarify data such as various reach overlaps and non-overlapping reach in each media, so it was easy to judge that “the combination here and here will lift more”. ..

-What specific actions did you take after analyzing the data?

Mr. Watanabe: In the first place, there is an idea that consumer expectations are completely different for each media, so I came to the conclusion that we must firmly create our own index design for each media. For example, on Twitter, we believe that “cultivating conversations between users and creating topics” is one of the strengths and characteristics of the media. Therefore, it is commendable that we analyzed how to increase the contact area and occupied area of ​​the brand while coordinating with the platformer the index such as how to raise AIFUL’s Share of Voice on Twitter. I think.

Mr. Abe: It’s been two years since the initiative, but thanks to you, we have achieved the initial goal of improving the first recall rate, and at the same time, we were able to achieve the highest number of applications in the industry, and we were able to produce results.

Mr. Watanabe: There are so many variables involved in raising the first recollection, and I don’t think we can find the correct answer. In that sense, in conversations with the media and platformers, what index of which platform should be raised while entwining the 1st Party Data that only they can have with the market research data that we actually acquired. I think it is very important to operate with a hypothesis to reach a point of view.

Mass and digital collaboration is essential for brand management

-What are the strengths of the Dentsu x Septeni Group in supporting clients?

Mr. Maekawa: Dentsu is the top advertising company in Japan and has a great deal of assets including human resources. I think it is a great strength to be able to make better proposals according to the customer from the wide range of options. Also, if the mass and digital agencies are separated, I think that discussions may not proceed between the two companies. We believe that smooth communication there is a strong merit of the Dentsu x Septeni Group.

Mr. Watanabe: In brand activities to improve first-mindedness, it is a major premise to take a bird’s-eye view of the entire market, including competitors, and formulate strategies from a macro perspective. I think that it is a good point of collaboration that we can connect to the implementation of measures specialized in digital after understanding the whole promotion. Our greatest strength is the ability to take consistent measures from brand management to digital promotion.

-Please tell us about the areas you would like to work on in the future.

Mr. Abe: I continue to put the first recall rate on KGI, so I would like to make this part an overwhelming number one. In addition, although the number of customers has become number one, the number of people who are actually contracted and used has not yet established a solid position in the industry, so it is important to solidify that position. It’s a goal. In addition, we would like to increase the ratio of transactions with high LTV while paying attention to quality.

Mr. What: We use research data to measure what kind of distribution method leads to the first recollection for each media, but from now on, I think we have to look at the site visit rate and conversion in a big frame. The purpose of raising the first recollection is to eventually lead to an application, so careful analysis of that part is essential. I would like to be able to efficiently verify what kind of distribution combination and how to scale.

Mr. Watanabe: It is important to quantitatively evaluate everything from first recall to attracting customers and applying. Currently, we are also developing a data dashboard that crosses mass and digital, so we would like to work on visualizing the return on investment and improving accuracy.

Mr. Maekawa: Over the last two years, the direction of each medium has become clear. In addition, we were able to produce the results we initially expected, but it is probably not the case that all of them are our own power, and I think that it is the result of the accumulation of various external factors. Since the measurement environment including Google Analytics etc. has finally been prepared, from here, we will unravel the more detailed parts such as how to operate the operation that raises the first recollection and how it will bounce back to the application. I will challenge.


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