Shannon Enables Third-Party Cookie-Independent Dynamic Advertising-ZDNet Japan

Shannon has introduced a common ID solution “IM Universal Identifier” (IM-UID) to the advertising platform “SHANON Ad Cloud”. This will enable the provision of dynamic retargeting ads that do not rely on third-party cookies. Intimate Merger, who provided the IM-UID, announced on July 14th.

SHANON Ad Cloud supports one-stop marketing such as new user development and resale promotion by combining with marketing automation (MA). In the past, third-party cookies were used to deliver optimal dynamic advertisements to users.

However, since iOS 14, the acquisition of third-party cookies has been restricted, and in 2023 it will be abolished in Google’s Chrome browser. Many dynamic retargeting ads relied on third-party cookies, which was a big blow to advertisers who deal with site-based ads such as e-commerce (EC), job offers, travel, and real estate.

Intimate Merger has developed IM-UID as a common ID solution that identifies users by data matching processing that does not rely on third-party cookies and does not conflict with personal information in order to solve such problems.

Furthermore, by combining the know-how of advertising approaches such as the dynamic retargeting optimization engine and ad distribution management that Shannon has cultivated, it is possible to provide “cookieless dynamic retargeting ads” that do not depend on third-party cookies. Became.

As a result, even in a mobile environment with usage restrictions, it is possible to automatically deliver optimal advertisements based on the products and contents of the company’s site while considering privacy.

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