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Nowadays, it is a hot topic as the most popular EV (electric vehicle) in JapanTesla “Model 3”.. Not only the design and performance, but also the smartness of the purchase method is attractive.

How do car sales professionals feel about ordering online on their smartphones for many years?

Known as the largest automobile group in Fukuoka City, with authorized dealers of Renault and Alpine in Hakata-ku, Fukuoka City.Asahi MotorMr. Kanaya, the manager of (4-6-7 Nishitsukiguma, Hakata-ku, President Toshihiro Fujino), ordered the Tesla Model 3 on the company’s YouTube channel, and he talked about his frank impressions from a professional perspective.

At the beginning of the video, Kanaya said, “Let’s buy a car packed with the latest technology in order to keep up with new cars.”

Asahi Motor was founded in September 1989. We handle a wide range of products from new and used car sales to vehicle inspection, maintenance, sheet metal painting, coating, insurance agency business, and road service. As a specialty store where you can consult about anything about cars, it is well known in Hakata.

Another feature is that we are particular about repair technology.Neutral third party certification bodyTÜV Rheinland JapanIt has cleared the strict auditing standards of (TUV) and is considered to be the highest in the world.TUV Platinum Certification “Is getting.It is also indispensable for the maintenance of cars equipped with safe driving support systems such as automatic braking.AmingCan also be doneSpecific maintenanceIt has been certified as a business and can be said to be one of the few cutting-edge automobile maintenance shops in Japan.

Car sales professionals explain in an easy-to-understand manner

In the You Tube video released by Asahi Motor, the manager of the new car building of the company’s vehicle sales department, Kanaya, operates his smartphone himself. He searched the net with the word “Tesla Model 3” and carefully explained from the flow of arriving at the Tesla website. Based on the information displayed on the order screen, the model 3 model explanation by the manager Kanaya continues. Introducing the difference in maximum cruising range, maximum speed, acceleration time up to 100km, etc. depending on the plan (standard / long range / performance). As there are only car sales professionals, Kanaya’s explanation is very easy to understand.

Select “specifications” from the user’s perspective

After selecting a plan, proceed to select specifications (body color, wheels, interior). When choosing the interior, Kanaya said, “White is cool, but the dirt seems to be noticeable, so I will go with the black interior.” It also reports that the purchase price displayed at the bottom of the screen fluctuates (adds) each time a specification is selected.

It is not a quick impression, but a realistic judgment from the user’s point of view considering that it will continue to ride for a long time, and explanations that are conscious of the total purchase price will continue. I was impressed by the fact that as a car sales professional, I was able to properly convey important things that I would forget if I was operating my smartphone by myself.

Even car sales professionals are confused about the last “order” button!

The purchase price of the contents selected so far is 5,440,000 yen. It seems that a subsidy (400,000 yen) will be issued this time, and the reference price after applying the subsidy is also reported. 15,000 yen is required at the time of ordering, and taxes other than consumption tax and registration fee will be charged separately. After confirming the order details and selecting the payment method (cash, loan, credit card, bank transfer), you will be asked to create an account. After this, there is a[Order]button …

“I wonder if it’s okay to press this … I’ll press it !?”

Even the manager of Kanaya, a car sales professional, seems to be confused. The author watching the video also felt a strange feeling of tension.

To be honest, I’m reluctant to buy a high-priced Tesla car just by operating my smartphone. It seems that you will want to stop ordering on the way, but if you operate in the same way while watching the video of the manager Kanaya, there is a sense of security that the professionals are supporting you, and it seems that you can order calmly. Users who are considering purchasing are recommended to watch the video.

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