Sony Biz Networks Uses AI to Operate Advertising and Improve Sites –CV Number Increases 10% Compared to Last Year –ZDNet Japan

Sony Biz Networks has introduced “AI Analyst” and “AI Analyst AD”, data analysis tools that utilize artificial intelligence (AI). WACUL, which develops the series, announced on July 25th.

Sony Biznets is developing services such as the corporate ICT solution “NURO Biz” and the cloud-based time and attendance management system “AKASHI”. The company is said to have a small number of elite sales systems, and had the goal of achieving results by acquiring potential customers from its website.

On the other hand, he was wondering what kind of measures should be taken to achieve results with a sense of speed. In addition, it was a high hurdle to guide customers to “trial registration” of the company’s service, and there was a problem that it could not be connected to conversion (CV).

Therefore, he participated in the seminar held by WACUL and felt persuasive about his approach to producing results and his experience of analyzing 36,000 sites. In addition, we decided to introduce an AI analyst because we had a track record of using it in other departments.

AI Analyst is a tool that automates the PDCA (Plan, Do, Check, Act) cycle of marketing, from automatically analyzing data on websites to measuring the results of improvement proposals and implementation measures to improve results. It can be used by linking with “Google Analytics”.

In addition, AI analyst AD is also used to improve the landing page (LP). We will optimize the whole process from attracting customers to serving customers with a two-person system consisting of an advertising operation person who selects and operates keywords that lead to CV and an AI analyst who is in charge of site improvement.

After the introduction of the AI ​​analyst, WACUL proposed to change the contents of the CV and actually reflected it on the website. In addition, by utilizing AI analyst AD, we implemented marketing measures such as advertising, search engine optimization (SEO), and email measures to increase the pure recall rate. As a result, the number of CVs has increased by 10% compared to last year.

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