“Sorcerian PC-8801mkIISR” now available on the Switch “EGG Console”. The action RPG released by Nihon Falcom in 1987 that still enjoys enduring popularity – Dengeki Online

“Sorcerian” is an action RPG released by Nihon Falcom in 1987.

This is the fifth installment in the company's Dragon Slayer series, and players can create characters from four different races – Fighter, Wizard, Dwarf, or Elf – and form a party of up to four people to adventure through 15 scenarios while making full use of weapons and 120 types of magic.

Each player character has a set lifespan, and when that lifespan ends, their abilities can be passed on to the next generation. The deep systems of this game are a major attraction. Players can also choose a profession that allows them to acquire a skill when not adventuring, and after a year has passed they will receive an annual income and each of their ability scores will change.

In addition, each scenario involves the classic RPG monster slaying or treasure hunting by solving dungeon puzzles, so rather than following one big storyline, you can enjoy the fun of clearing individual stories.

This system and scenario are beautifully combined, and the more you play the more you can enjoy the world of Sorcerian to the fullest.


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