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In the travel industry, the movement to utilize the Metaverse (three-dimensional virtual space in a computer) has spread.

H.I.S. (HIS)<9603>Has launched the “Web3.0 Virtual Project” in anticipation of business development in the fields of Metaverse and NFT (non-fungible token = data such as images and sounds that cannot be duplicated that are traded on the blockchain). Japan Travel (Chuo-ku, Tokyo) has also started a solution business utilizing the metaverse platform “Virbela” provided by Gaialink in collaboration with Gaialink (Chino City, Nagano Prefecture).

Softbank<9434>However, letterpress printing<7911>The use of Metaverse is expanding rapidly in the travel industry in the future as retailers take the lead, such as opening a mobile phone shop “SoftBank Shop in Metapa” in the Metaverse mall app “Metapa” operated by. Is likely to generalize.

Revitalize the region with NFT

HIS has opened a virtual branch “HIS Travel World” in the metaverse “REALITY World” for smartphones provided by REALITY (Minato-ku, Tokyo), and has an avatar (alternate) against the backdrop of popular spots in Hawaii, Okinawa, and Huis Ten Bosch. Character) provides a service that allows you to take a self-portrait.

In the future, in collaboration with other companies, we will propose the utilization and introduction of Metaverse in games, sports, education, inspections, training, etc. Furthermore, through NFT, we will cooperate in revitalizing the region by combining various fields such as art, fashion, and music with tourism resources in each region.

From the company’s news release

Promote collaboration with industries and organizations

Japan Travel will develop a solution business utilizing Virbela for the company’s customers, such as offices, exhibition business meetings, school classes, large-scale meetings, and live music.

The company provides a new form of communication using a metaverse that is different from the online conferencing system, develops efforts to create new demand and employment, and collaborates with fields, industries, organizations, etc. that have not been matched until now. Also work on.

Metaverse is a virtual space where avatars can talk to each other while shopping, creating and selling products. In Metapa, in addition to Softbank, KOKUYO<7984>Nine companies, including the KOKUYO shop, which sells stationery and furniture, have opened stores.

The Metaverse app for smartphones provided by REALITY has exceeded 8 million downloads worldwide, and Virbela is already used by many users, especially in North America.

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