[St. Regis Hotel Osaka]Reimporting Japanese “Izakaya'' that is popular all over the world! St. Regis Champagne & Beer Garden – Japanese IZAKAYA –

Experience the new appeal of an “izakaya'' that combines Japanese and Western styles in a garden in the sky 50 meters above ground, where a pleasant summer breeze blows through.There are also unique menu items such as this year's popular Parisian rice balls and champagne-flavored chilled ramen.

The St. Regis Hotel Osaka (location: 3-6-12 Honmachi, Chuo-ku, Osaka) will open the Japanese garden “Tenku no Niwa” from Wednesday, May 15, 2024 to Monday, September 30, 2024, 50 meters above ground. “The St. Regis Champagne & Beer Garden -Japanese IZAKAYA-” will be held at the venue.

The St. Regis Champagne & Beer Garden provides a high-quality summer experience to many customers every year, along with delicious sake and gourmet food. This summer's theme is “Japanese IZAKAYA,” which is based on the image of “Japanese cuisine” and the Japanese food culture “Izakaya,” which are gaining popularity all over the world.We will focus on authentic Izakaya standard menus that can be used in Western cuisine. We offer a food experience full of surprises and discoveries, where the flavors of Japan and the world intersect, combining ingredients such as seasonings, sauces, and foie gras.

Courses that include drinks and food range from light courses where you can enjoy amuse-bouche, cold dishes, hot appetizers, and drinks, to free-flow courses that include main dishes, finishing dishes, desserts, and champagne. There are 3 types available. In addition, for drink-only courses, you can order à la carte the unique and appealing izakaya cuisine that only St. Regis can offer, along with free flow.

(From left) “Dengaku radish and duck foie gras with consommé sauce, yuzu flavor”, 3 kinds of appetizers, “Grilled wagyu beef fillet, wasabi, truffle salt, soy sauce”

Appetizers include “Edamame Peperoncino Black Shichimi Flavor'', which combines edamame with garlic, olive oil, and chili pepper, and a refreshing touch of Japanese pepper, and “Stick Salad Bloody Mary'', which is served with a sauce inspired by St. Regis' signature Bloody Mary cocktail. We offer menus full of originality, such as “Soy milk and white miso dressing sauce'' and “Daikon and duck foie gras dengaku with consomme bean paste and yuzu flavor'', which is made with foie gras on radish dengaku soaked in consommé soup.

Main dishes include skewered and grilled seafood, as well as a variety of satisfying meat dishes such as beef, pork, and duck. “Grilled Squid with Teriyaki Sauce,” which combines soft squid with a fragrant soy sauce sauce, and “Grilled Wagyu Beef Fillet, Wasabi, Truffle Salt, and Soy Sauce,” where you can enjoy tender Japanese black beef with the sweetness of high-quality fat. Enjoy a wide selection of menus, from menus that go well with the drinks you would order at an izakaya, to luxurious menus unique to the St. Regis Hotel Osaka.

(Left) Paris rice ball (Right) Grilled risotto with soy milk and white miso soup

Chilled ramen champagne flavor

The closing menu includes “Paris Onigiri'', which is attracting attention as a trend this year, and “Grilled Risotto Soy Milk and White Miso Soup'', which is enjoyed by mixing risotto with a rich sauce of soy milk and white miso with the aroma of dashi stock, and soy sauce. A unique experience that can only be had here, combining popular Japanese dishes with delicious Western alcoholic beverages and gourmet food, such as the “chilled ramen champagne flavor” where champagne is added to the base soup and topped with champagne bubbles. You can enjoy delicious cuisine.

Perrier-Jouët “Grand Brut”

Dassai “Junmai Daiginjo”

For drinks, 1811, which continues to produce high-quality champagne, includes the “Belle Époque,'' which has an impressive bottle of Japanese white anemone (autumn chrysanthemum), drawn by Art Nouveau master Emile Gallé, who was strongly influenced by Japonism. From Grand Brut by the champagne house Perrier-Jouët, which was founded in 2007, and Dassai, a high-class sake brand that is well known overseas for its sake and has a state-of-the-art sake brewery in New York State, where St. Regis was founded. , Junmai Daiginjo, Nigori Sparkling, Shochu, etc. are available. In addition, we have a wide variety of drinks such as beer, wine, cocktails, etc. that are the perfect pairing with well-arranged izakaya cuisine to celebrate summer nights in style.

During this period, the “Garden in the Sky'' will be decorated with lanterns and paper lanterns, creating an elegant and lively Japanese summer night. Spend a sophisticated and luxurious summer night at the St. Regis Hotel Osaka, which combines timeless sophistication and modern sensibilities, with a gourmet experience that combines Japanese and Western styles.

St. Regis Champagne & Beer Garden – Japanese IZAKAYA –

■Period May 15, 2024 (Wednesday) to September 30, 2024 (Monday)

■Time 17:30-22:30 (LO 22:00)

■Location “Tenku no Niwa” 12th floor


[Beverage Free Flow Plan]

・Sky Garden ¥6,500 per person

Free flow 90 minutes (beer, wine, cocktails, soft drinks)

・Karesansui ¥9,500 per person

Free flow 90 minutes (champagne, beer, wine, cocktails, sake, soft drinks)

[Food + Beverage Free Flow Plan]

・Soryu ¥8,500 per person

Free flow 90 minutes (beer, wine, cocktails, soft drinks), amuse, 2 types of cold dishes, fried gyoza

・Sekiryu ¥11,000 per person

Free flow 90 minutes (sparkling wine, sake, beer, wine, cocktails, soft drinks), amuse, 3 types of cold dishes, fried gyoza, choose 1 from 3 main dishes

・Koryu ¥15,000 per person

Free flow 90 minutes (champagne, beer, wine, cocktails, sake, soft drinks), amuse, 3 types of cold appetizers, grilled gyoza, choice of 1 out of 5 main dishes, finishing dish, dessert

[Semi-privateplan]¥15,000 per person*For groups of 20 or more on the south terrace.

Free flow 90 minutes (sparkling wine, beer, wine, cocktails, soft drinks), food served buffet style

[A la carte menu]

Cold dishes

Inca no Awakening Smoked Potato Salad ¥1,250

Stick salad Bloody Mary sauce soy milk and white miso dressing ¥3,200

Edamame Peperoncino Black Shichimi Flavor ¥1,300

Roast beef salad Japanese onion dressing ¥2,700

Summer vegetable oden ¥3,800

Assorted Charcuterie Pate de Campagne Chorizo ​​Jamon Serrano Narazuke ¥4,000

Summer vegetable frittata ¥1,300

Hot appetizer

Daikon and duck foie gras dengaku with consommé sauce, yuzu flavor, ¥4,800

Grilled gyoza ¥1,500

Garlic toast ¥1,200

Beer-flavored Western tempura with vegetables and conger eel Full Rude Sel ¥3,200

Assorted Sausage Mustard Toulouse Saucis Blanc Cervera Lyonnaise ¥4,500


Shrimp and scallop skewers with romesco sauce ¥4,300

Grilled squid with teriyaki sauce ¥3,500

Grilled chicken thigh with Kekka sauce ¥3,200

Grilled lobster with lemon ¥6,500

Grilled Wagyu Beef Fillet Wasabi Truffle Salt Soy Sauce 150g ¥14,000 / 300g ¥27,000

Duck thigh confit, grilled romaine lettuce, soy balsamic sauce ¥3,800

Osaka Sushi ¥4,500

Paris rice ball (smoked salmon trout, avocado, cream cheese/dried tomato, olive, prosciutto)

¥1,000 each

Grilled risotto with soy milk and white miso soup ¥2,200

Chilled ramen champagne flavor crab, shrimp, bok choy ¥2,700

(Additional ¥7,000 for 20g caviar topping)

Bokkake Yakisoba ¥2,200


Ice cream cup (vanilla, chocolate, matcha) ¥1,200 each

Matcha creme brulee ¥1,900

Fruit anmitsu ¥1,800

Assorted fruits ¥2,400

■WEB sitehttps://www.stregisbar.stregisosaka.com/lto-page


St. Regis Hotel Osaka Restaurant Reservations 06-6105-5659 (10:00-19:00)

*Prices listed include tax and service charge.

*Excluding hotel guests, a separate charm charge of 660 yen per person will be charged for a la carte orders.

*In case of rain, the event may be canceled or held at a separate venue indoors.

Official website: www.stregisosaka.co.jp

Instagram: Instagram.com/stregisosaka

Facebook: facebook.com/stregisosaka


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