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You can travel around the world with panoramic photosGoogle Street View“.Actually this year15th anniversaryWas welcomed.

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Because it’s such a memorable year, GooglePast yearWas popular in Street ViewCountry and city rankingsAnnounced.

be on one’s mindJapanBy the way3rd placeIt is ranked in. again,By cityLooking atTokyo is 2nd and Osaka is 10thwent inside.

In addition, there is also a “ranking of popular places in Japan”.

Sensoji TempleorTokyo TowerIn addition to the standard tourist attractions such as“Tetsujin No. 28 Monument” “Hita Attack on Titan Oyama Dam Statue”Core spots such as are ranked high.

JapaneseMangaoranimationIt can be said that it is a result showing the worldwide recognition of.

By the way, the first place in the country ranking isIndonesiaAnd Indonesia ’s number one by cityJakartaIs ranked in.

Apparently Indonesia has no bottomcharmThere seems to be …

Details of the rankingHerefrom!

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