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Taboola, the world’s largest discovery platform, has reached 53 million users with video ads provided by Taboola, and the amount of video ads placed on Taboola will be in the first quarter of 2022 ( In January-March 2022), it announced that it had grown rapidly to 250% compared to the first quarter of 2021 (January-March 2021). (Sponsored News by Taboola)

According to a survey with Nielsen Digital conducted in March 2022, the number of users that can be reached by Taboola’s video advertising network in Japan is about 53 million for smartphones (browsers + apps) and about 14 million for PC browsers. The result was. In addition, when comparing the number of users with the 9 video distribution service providers conducted in this survey, smartphones (browsers + apps) are second only to YouTube among the 9 companies, and PCs (browsers) are 1 out of 10 companies. It became the rank.

Smartphone (browser + app)


※PC: Nielsen NetView Custom Data Feed 2022年3月度、 家庭と職場からのアクセス、アプリケーションを除く

SP: Nielsen Mobile NetView Custom Data Feed 2022年3月度、Android+iOS Smartphoneパネル、アプリケーションを含む

TaboolaネットワークはDomainもしくはSubdomainレベルでTaboolaが独自に選定し集計。GYAO! (Yahoo Japan GYAO!)はChannelレベル、他はBrandレベル。比較対象とした動画配信サービス提供事業者はTaboolaが独自に選定。

Also, as a result of many premium publishers joining the Taboola network and many publishers introducing Taboola video placements, ad inventory for video ads will also be in the first quarter of 2022 compared to the first quarter of 2021. Has increased by 140%.

These rapid growth in video ad placements in Taboola in Japan over the past year, in addition to the aforementioned participation of many premium publishers in the Taboola network, has expanded the video ad space and high-quality readership, as follows: It depends on the characteristics of Taboola and the market environment.

・ High information sensitivity while reading news and articles, high awareness improvement and understanding promotion effect at the timing of actively watching video advertisements as one of the information

・ Use with in-stream advertising by utilizing reach next to YouTube ・ Maximize incremental reach

・ Contextual targeting using data from Taboola’s exclusive media for cookieless measures

・ In addition to the standard Double Verify and IAS, detailed brand safety support by specifying keywords, etc.

・ Penetration of additional services such as creative service Taboola Studio and brand lift survey

・ Rapid expansion of video advertising handling centered on major agencies

Taboola is branding a variety of requirements, from reach-focused brand-lifting video ads to optimal targeting delivery to users with limited interests, even in a digital advertising environment with increasingly regulated third-party cookies. It has become possible to provide high-performance and scalable delivery of video advertisements.

Also, Taboola founder and CEO Adam Singolda commented: “Japan is one of the most strategically important markets for Taboola, and especially in recent years, with the growth of digital video advertising in the Japanese market, Taboola has focused on technological and business development of video advertising solutions. The rapid growth of Taboola’s video advertising in Japan has promoted collaboration with publisher partners who are participating in the Taboola network, advertisers who have evaluated it, and it. It is none other than the one provided by the Japanese distributor. “


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