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“High raw material prices,” “Supply network disruption,” “Prolonged invasion,” … Management’s worries are endless.
Shinya Yamada, a popular YouTuber certified accountant and million-seller writer, said, “Sales at the end of Korona-ka! Sales! It is dangerous for business owners to rush employees …”Sales addiction / danger alarm“Issued.
Mr. Yamada said, “Books of this level rarely come out. One book every 20 years. There is no reason not to read it.There is a book that asserts. “”The law of minimizing sales and maximizing profits ── 29% profit margin The secret of management(Written by Katsutoshi Kinoshita).
The author, Mr. Kinoshita, started his own business by himself → is fraudulent and has no sentence → listed for the first time in history for 4 consecutive years → is currently active on the front line of D2C as the president and active marketer listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange Prime. Mr. Kinoshita’s words have attracted a lot of sympathy on SNS. What is the appeal of President Kinoshita’s maiden work, which won the “2021 Startup Venture Industry People’s Choice Business Book Award”? I asked Mr. Yamada.

――I think Mr. Yamada has seen many business owners for many years as a popular YouTuber accountant.I heard that there is a book that I definitely want to read at this timing...

Shinya Yamada (hereinafter referred to as Yamada):yes. Kitanotatsujin Corporation (listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange Prime) President Katsutoshi Kinoshita’s first book, “The law of minimizing sales and maximizing profits ── 29% profit margin The secret of management“is.Outrageous bookCame out.

――While running an accounting office, Mr. Yamada has read many business books for over 20 years as a million-seller writer. I’ll listen to you.

Where is the most “shocking description” in this book?

Yamada:I never thought about it, even though I didn’t think about itsympathyI didthis bookBehind the Obi,

 In a recession, 10 times more sales and 10 times more risk!

is not it.

Rather than sales supremacy or profit-oriented
A story that goes one step further

――Why did you think so?

Yamada:I’ve been an accountant for over 20 yearsThe first words I metThat’s why.


Yamada:yes..It is often said that profit is important, but “the risk increases 10 times as sales increase”.A story that goes one step further than the principle of sales supremacy and profit-orientedI felt like.

――Certainly. It’s close to a “warning”, isn’t it?

Yamada:As a manager of an accounting firm with more than a dozen employees, I myselfA story that is very intriguingwas.

My skin feeling is that sales are more than 10 times higher than when the company was founded, but I feel that the risks are certainly more than 10 times higher.

I really feel that.

But as an accountant,Completely no-touch partwas.

Well, it feels like it has been verbalized.

Sales and risk are proportional

――What is no touch at all?

Yamada:Although I do risk analysis in my job as an accountant, honestly, sales and risk are big and small.this bookI didn’t tie it until I read …

 In terms of linking sales and riskthis bookIs very epoch-makingHowever, it falls into my head, and it’s modernI think so.

――What is modern style?

Yamada:The background to this is that the development of SNS has made it easier for risks to become apparent, unlike in the past.

Now that the risk is already increasing, the cause of the risk is certainly sales.

Companies with higher sales carry risksIs the truth.

 Sales and risk are proportionalTo do.

The point is not the “10 times” part of “10 times sales is 10 times risk!”Sales and risk are proportionalBy the way.

As sales increase, so does the amount of accidents.

――Earlier there was “empathy”. What does that mean?

Yamada:At the moment when “10 times the sales is 10 times the risk!”Empathy modeIt became.

Why am I so busy when I’ve been trying my best to increase sales? Isn’t it the manager who always bows?

As sales increase, there are more opportunities to bow down, so I think many managers think that management is a causal business.

Amount of sticky notes rarely seen in recent years

――Certainly. It’s a book that is likely to be sympathized by the management.

Yamada:that’s right.A book that pierces the hearts of many business ownersIt has become.

This business book is for meThe number of sticky notes rarely seen in recent yearsbecame.

[Teached by a popular YouTuber accountant]<br /> The epoch-making reason is “10 times sales is 10 times risk!”” src=”https://dol.ismcdn.jp/mwimgs/0/b/1080m/img_0b4c4873869c34fa1cbd137e82272abe66285.jpg” class=”lozad”/></a><span>Raw images full of sticky notes</span>
<p>After reading<span style=A tremendous amount of awarenessWas born.

For those who like reading and those who have rarely read booksHighly recommendedTo do.

Because there are business books like this once in a whileAfter all, books seem to be indispensableis.

Now that I have a job as an accountant / tax accountant and a job as a YouTuber as well as an accounting firm, I have been screening a lot since I was in my 20s and 30s when I released a million seller, and it has a good reputation. I’m just reading.

Among them, about 1 in 10 books like this “Hit“Is displayed.

 This level rarely comes out, so there’s no reason not to read it. right now,this bookPlease read..


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