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It has been 25 years since Masanori Kanda, a management consultant, spread copywriting technology in Japan, which has been selling for over 100 years in the United States. The culmination of that is “Complete copy writing technology ── The principle of words that will continue to sell for 100 years“is. actual,”It’s 3520 yen, but “the strongest cospa book”“”Web marketing is “immediately” effectiveIt has become a hot topic.
In the book review magazine “Top Point” that has continued since 1987, it has been praised as “a systematic guide to 100 copywriting technologies that directly lead to increased sales. A practical manual that is just right for the name of” Taizen “.”
Acquire four powers (judgment, thinking, expression, transmission)[Copywriting Technology 100]Complete coverage
Not only “what to say” but also “what to say” is fully compatible with paper, web and smartphones.
This time as well, points that are useful to readersThis bookI will introduce it by excerpting from.

“”Complete copy writing technology』From, the leading copywriting in Japan,Masanori Kanda’s Copywriting Guidance 29Let’s introduce.

twenty five.Not “I wish I had it”
I’m in trouble if I don’tIf you don’t tell it, it won’t sell.

“ Nikkei MJ” December 23, 2019

This is USP (This bookExplains the viewpoint of strengthening (page 247).

Nowadays, there are a lot of similar products and services.USP = Difference from othersIs important.

However, in addition to that, customers do not easily make purchases if they just want to be there.

For customers, the products and services areI’m in trouble without thisLet’s think about positioning it so that you can feel it.

PS.2.This bookAt the beginning and end of the book, the four strongest weapons that dramatically increase your sales …[PMM search sheet][PMM self-check sheet][“BTRNUTSS” heading checker][PASBECONA template]is released for the first time in the bookDid.
It is a condensed version of the wisdom of a quarter century.Immediate effectWhenReproducibilityIs secured.
Please use it with your own handsresultI hope you can put out.

[Author]Masanori Kanda (Kanda Masanori)

Founder of Japan’s largest book club “Lead for Action”, Director of NPO Learning Designers Association
Graduated from the Faculty of Foreign Studies, Sophia University. He has a Master of Economics from New York University and a Master of Business Administration from Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania. He passed the diplomat examination in the third year of university and has been working at the Economic Affairs Bureau of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs since the fourth year. After working as a representative of Japan for a strategic consulting company and an American home appliance maker, he became independent as a management consultant in 1998. In “GQ JAPAN” (November 2007 issue), he was selected as “Japan’s Top Marketer”. In 2012, it ranked first in Amazon’s annual business book sales ranking. In 2018, he was selected as an international judge for the “ECHO Award”, a global authority on marketing. From 2019 to 2020, he will be No. 1 for the second consecutive year in the “President’s Report Card” evaluated by Furuta Satoshi. Currently, he is actively engaged in activities not only in the business field but also in the educational world. In his main book, “The law of words to earn“”60 minutes ・ Corporate Dantotsu project“Your company makes money in 90 days!” “Insane success law” “Word-of-mouth infectious disease”The Copy Writing“”Legendary copywriting practice bible“”The Marketing[Basic]“”The Marketing[Practice]]Supervised and commentary “The strongest copy writing bible“and so on.

[Author]Junichi Kinuta (Kinuta Junichi)
Marketing Copywriter, Director, Content Strategy Office, Alma Creation Co., Ltd.
Graduated from the Faculty of Letters, Osaka City University. He joined Sumitomo Metal Industries, Ltd. (currently Nippon Steel Corporation), a steel manufacturer. He has experience in B to B sales and sales planning departments for the manufacturing industry. He leads the organization as a sales office manager and a senior manager of the planning department (general manager position). Aiming for telework (working from home) from dealing with children with cerebral palsy. She has the freedom of time and place to find a job as a sales copywriter. I am attracted to the fact that the appeal of the product is expressed in sentences and that both the client and the person who bought it are pleased, and at the same time, there are many things in common between sales and planning work, and I think that I can make use of my experience so far, so I think that sales copy Become a writer. She is currently instructing various in-house writing and copywriting related courses. She has provided more than 3500 copy feedbacks to more than 800 people so far. His book is “Selling Copywriting Wordbook” (co-authored with Masanori Kanda).

[Message from the author, Masanori Kanda]

This book has been practiced for 25 years,Fully compatible with the internet agedid,The culmination of copywriting techniquesis.

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