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It has been 25 years since Masanori Kanda, a management consultant, spread copywriting technology in Japan, which has been selling for over 100 years in the United States. The culmination of that is “Complete copy writing technology ── The principle of words that will continue to sell for 100 years“is. actual,”It’s 3520 yen, but “the strongest cospa book”“”Web marketing is “immediately” effectiveIt has become a hot topic.
In the book review magazine “Top Point” that has continued since 1987, it has been praised as “a systematic guide to 100 copywriting technologies that directly lead to increased sales. A practical manual that is just right for the name of” Taizen “.”
Acquire four powers (judgment, thinking, expression, transmission)[Copywriting Technology 100]Complete coverage
Not only “what to say” but also “what to say” is fully compatible with paper, web and smartphones.
This time as well, points that are useful to readersThis bookI will introduce it by excerpting from.

“”Complete copy writing technology』From, the leading copywriting in Japan,Masanori Kanda’s Copywriting Guidance 29Let’s introduce.

twenty five.Not “I wish I had it”
I’m in trouble if I don’tIf you don’t tell it, it won’t sell.

“ Nikkei MJ” December 23, 2019

This is USP (This bookExplains the viewpoint of strengthening (page 247).

Nowadays, there are a lot of similar products and services.USP = Difference from othersIs important.

However, in addition to that, customers do not easily make purchases if they just want to be there.

For customers, the products and services areI’m in trouble without thisLet’s think about positioning it so that you can feel it.

PS.2.This bookAt the beginning and end of the book, the four strongest weapons that dramatically increase your sales …[PMM search sheet][PMM self-check sheet][“BTRNUTSS” heading checker][PASBECONA template]is released for the first time in the bookDid.
It is a condensed version of the wisdom of a quarter century.Immediate effectWhenReproducibilityIs secured.
Please use it with your own handsresultI hope you can put out.

[Author]Masanori Kanda (Kanda Masanori)

Founder of Japan’s largest book club “Lead for Action”, Director of NPO Learning Designers Association
Graduated from the Faculty of Foreign Studies, Sophia University. He has a Master of Economics from New York University and a Master of Business Administration from Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania. He passed the diplomat examination in the third year of university and has been working at the Economic Affairs Bureau of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs since the fourth year. After working as a representative of Japan for a strategic consulting company and an American home appliance maker, he became independent as a management consultant in 1998. In “GQ JAPAN” (November 2007 issue), he was selected as “Japan’s Top Marketer”. In 2012, it ranked first in Amazon’s annual business book sales ranking. In 2018, he was selected as an international judge for the “ECHO Award”, a global authority on marketing. From 2019 to 2020, he will be No. 1 for the second consecutive year in the “President’s Report Card” evaluated by Furuta Satoshi. Currently, he is actively engaged in activities not only in the business field but also in the educational world. In his main book, “The law of words to earn“”60 minutes ・ Corporate Dantotsu project“Your company makes money in 90 days!” “Insane success law” “Word-of-mouth infectious disease”The Copy Writing“”Legendary copywriting practice bible“”The Marketing[Basic]“”The Marketing[Practice]]Supervised and commentary “The strongest copy writing bible“and so on.

[Author]Junichi Kinuta (Kinuta Junichi)
Marketing Copywriter, Director, Content Strategy Office, Alma Creation Co., Ltd.
Graduated from the Faculty of Letters, Osaka City University. He joined Sumitomo Metal Industries, Ltd. (currently Nippon Steel Corporation), a steel manufacturer. He has experience in B to B sales and sales planning departments for the manufacturing industry. He leads the organization as a sales office manager and a senior manager of the planning department (general manager position). Aiming for telework (working from home) from dealing with children with cerebral palsy. She has the freedom of time and place to find a job as a sales copywriter. I am attracted to the fact that the appeal of the product is expressed in sentences and that both the client and the person who bought it are pleased, and at the same time, there are many things in common between sales and planning work, and I think that I can make use of my experience so far, so I think that sales copy Become a writer. She is currently instructing various in-house writing and copywriting related courses. She has provided more than 3500 copy feedbacks to more than 800 people so far. His book is “Selling Copywriting Wordbook” (co-authored with Masanori Kanda).

[Message from the author, Masanori Kanda]

This book has been practiced for 25 years,Fully compatible with the internet agedid,The culmination of copywriting techniquesis.

[Teached by the best marketer in Japan]<br /> A disappointing end that people who mechanically use “I wish I had” copies do not know”/></a></div>
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[Teached by the best marketer in Japan]<br /> A disappointing end that people who mechanically use “I wish I had” copies do not know” src=”https://dol.ismcdn.jp/mwimgs/1/1/1080m/img_11d8f221d4ee0bbc72f92fe9d496588b319099.jpg” class=”lozad”/></a></div>
<p>It is not an exaggeration to say that the title is “Daizen”.</p>
<p>“” On page 26<a href=This bookAs you can see from “100 Copywriting Techniques Handled in”, a wide range of fields beyond conventional copywriting ──Business strategy, marketing strategyfrom,Effect measurement / analysis, text design, expression techniques and ideasUp to ── is covered without omission.

Endless work was required to connect a total of 100 copywriting technologies across the board and put them together in a system that is easy to put into practical use.

If you secretly explain why you were able to maintain that motivation,Personal circumstances of the authorsThere is.

In fact, when the two co-authors were hitting a big wall without seeing the future of their lives,Saved by copywritingThe body.

I, Kanda, was a foreign-affiliated manufacturer and was responsible for launching the Japanese market when my first child was just born. If you can’t get results in half a year, you’ll be forced into a harsh environment where you’ll be fired, and you’ll have to make sales at all costs.

 How can I find a customer?

At that time, he had already obtained an MBA (Master of Business Administration), but was unable to acquire customers from scratch.

At that time, when I happened to pick up a business magazine at a bookstore I stopped by while on a business trip abroad, an article jumped into my eyes.

If you follow the principle of moving words, even small advertisements will attract customers

At first I suspected that there shouldn’t be such a convenience, but I couldn’t replace my back and tried to advertise in the newspaper for a small amount.

At first, he failed terribly, but after trial and error, he soon got an explosive response.

As a result, I became independent with this know-how.

Since then, we have succeeded in new businesses one after another with copywriting technology. As a result, 23 years after the company was founded, it is now all 5 in the Furuta Doki “President’s Report Card”, which ranks the management indicators of small and medium-sized enterprises. It has been evaluated as the top super-excellent company among 2405 companies.

Co-author Kinda alsoSaved by copywriting..

He was a big company and a crunchy manager,A second career that frees up time and place for children with disabilitiesI was looking for.

However, I couldn’t find a job where I could make use of my experience, so I considered becoming a chiropractor who was completely different from my previous job, and opening a pastry shop.

 It doesn’t cost money, it’s relatively easy to learn, and you can work anytime, anywhere in the world.Investigate all kinds of professions on the condition that. As a result, I finally arrived at copywriting.

As I learned later, this writing job is said to be able to utilize the knowledge and experience of sales and sales planning that Kinda has been working on.

In this way, the authors were able to escape from the crisis of life and shift to a big future by writing.Now it’s our turn to pass on this power to those who need it.I believe.

I’m sorry …

life is,A series of absurditiesis.

“Why does he earn more than he does his best?”
“Why is he sick and no one turns to himself?”
“Why do I have to lose a loved one?”
“Why do I have to suffer a serious illness?”
“Why does the government continue to neglect inequality?”

While living in this way, there are times when everyone wants to curse toward heaven, asking, “Why? Why?”

But didTechnology that creates wealth and promotes social change in the wake of absurdityThere is.

that isThis bookSo, “Deliver to you”Copywriting technology“is.

Copywriting is generally said to be a writing technique that appeals to products and services.

However, in my opinion that I have been working in this field for a quarter of a century (25 years), it is more fundamental.

If you want to explain this technique in one sentence,

The power to start earning with just paper and a pen the next day, even if you stand in a burnt field


In other words, it is “language technology for living in a rapidly changing society.”National language ability for modern working peopleIt is no exaggeration to say that.

In addition to reading comprehension, we need to continue to provide value in our long careers:4 forcesIs necessary.

“How can I judge the information correctly?”[judgement]
“How can I create my own value?”[Thinking power]
“How can I convey that value to the people I need?”[Expression]
“How can it be delivered widely and far?”[Transmission power]

in this wayJudgment / thinking / expression / transmissionThe interlocking force, that is,The power to live by one’s will has been unfairly neglected...

 This bookThen thisCopywriting technology 100 to acquire “4 powers”I will tell you for the first time.

Japanese40 advertising case imagesthat’s all,Chart 120 pointsThe above is posted.

 Fully compatible with paper, smartphones, and the web..

 Original tool for the first public release of booksAlso included a lot.

I myself put everything in this world with the intention of culminating in 25 years in a quarter of a century.

I want you to read it with your heart. And I want you to make full use of it in the field.

 I’m sure it will help you, who are suffering and worried now.

[Notice from the book editorial department of Diamond]Thanks to you, the large reprint is released immediately!

Purchase from here! →[Amazon.co.jp][Kinokuniya BookWeb][Rakuten Books]

“”Complete copy writing technology ── The principle of words that will continue to sell for 100 years ”Main table of contents
★ Introduction (Masanori Kanda): National language ability for all working people, which is the source of the power to live

★[With commentary]MainCopywriting term 105
★ Handled in this bookCopywriting technology 100
★ Chapter 1: Why Copywriting Increases Sales
★ Chapter 2: 8 elements “BTRNUTSS” to create high-impact headlines
★ Chapter 3: LP / Sales Letters are to be assembled
★ Chapter 4: The identity of the stabbed copy is PMM (Product Market Matching)
★ Chapter 5: “PASBECONA”, the structure of sentences that move people, deepened in the Web era
★ Chapter 6: “PMM Search Sheet” to find PMM
★ Chapter 7: 32 writing techniques to increase the closing rate
★ Chapter 8: Copywriting technology used on the Internet
★ Chapter 9: Masanori Kanda Copywriting Guidance 29

Fully compatible with smartphones and web marketing!Copywriting technology 100 covered in this book
◆ Marketing technology that creates a selling mechanism

1. Technology that converts the features of products and services into benefits and expresses them
2. Techniques for digging deeper into the benefits
3. Technology that appeals not only to the customer’s “needs” but also to “wants”
4. Technology to create a mechanism to increase profits in the flow of lead → front end → back end
5. Technology to set a front end that is easy to buy even for the first time
6.2 Techniques that use step marketing
7. Technology to raise the average customer price by up-selling and cross-selling
8. Technology to prevent lost sales opportunities with downsell
9. Technology to use 8 offers properly
10. Technology to capture customer response rate with CVR
11. Technology that utilizes LTV and captures profits over a period of time
12. Technology to capture the effect of attracting customers with CPA
13.Technology that enhances the cost-effectiveness of advertising by being aware of LTV> CPA
14. Techniques that use evidence / grounds to justify the claim
15. Technology that effectively uses benefits that increase the value (perceived value) felt by customers
16. Techniques for setting risk reversals such as satisfaction guarantees to eliminate anxiety when purchasing
17. Techniques for limiting purchases
18. Technology to set deadlines to increase sales
19. Technology that reveals the core of selling with “5 questions to find out the words to earn”
20. Technology to find one’s strengths from the voices of existing customers
21. Technology for responding to the absence of customer feedback
22. Technology for determining the target market by knowing the relationship between the target status quo bias and the market size
23. Technology that determines positioning from direct and indirect competition
24. Unique Uri-USP finding technology
25. Technology that takes a niche strategy that specializes in specialized fields
26. Techniques for segmentation to send messages that pierce the right person
27. Technology to develop customers
28. Technology for creating marketing flows using the Internet
29. Techniques for responsiveness with offline advertising
30. Techniques for determining email open rate and click rate
31. Technique to increase the contract rate by step mail to send mail multiple times
32. A / B testing technology for ads
33. Technology to create a flow from online seminars to sales

◆ Writing technology that leads readers to purchase
34. Techniques that focus on the ideas behind the expression
35. Technology that expresses products and services with “what kind of products are they?”
36. Technology that expresses PMM, which is the basis of copywriting, in a simple form as “who, what, and what happened?”
37. Technology to quickly collect necessary information before writing with “PMM Search Sheet”
38. Techniques for finding “who / what / what happened?” From the “PMM search sheet”
39. Technology to create LP based on “PMM search sheet”
40. Convincing sentence structure Techniques using “PASONA’s Law”
41. Technology using “PASBE CONA” which deepened “PASONA’s law”
42. Technology to quickly create LP with “PAS BECONA template”
43. Technology to write LP by dividing the target
44. Maintaining the status quo Technology that divides the points that should be emphasized in LP according to the degree of bias
45. Technology to capture LP / sales letter with 4 parts (headline / opening / body copy / closing)
46. ​​Technology that understands the impact and volume image of each part of LP and composes the whole
47. Technology to create a convincing flow with “Story Chart”
48. Techniques that capture headlines in “15 patterns” and make them easier to use in practice
49. Technology to increase the withdrawal of ideas with the heading “66 types”
50. Techniques for shaping headlines
51. Technology that makes an impact on headlines with the eight elements of “BTRNUTSS”
52. Technology to objectively judge the quality of headings with “BTRNUTSS Heading Checker”
53. Technology that composes the headline with three parts (pre-head, headline, deck copy)
54. Technology to create a flow from headline to opening
55. Technology for editing customer feedback in an easy-to-read manner
56. Techniques for writing CTA wording to increase the probability of purchase
57. Techniques for effectively arranging CTA buttons
58. Postscript (PS) writing technology to boost purchases
59. Techniques for finding and expressing problems, ideals, and pain that the target has
60. Technology for writing “sub-heads” to support skip reading
61. Techniques for writing “bullets” that convey points in bullet points
62. Technology for writing sentences from the “You message” (customer’s perspective)
63. Technology to respond to “customer hesitation” in advance
64. Techniques for setting personas and writing to speak
65. Technology that uses “words in the customer’s head”
66. Technology to explore the customer’s mind using digital tools
67. Technology to express what customers did not expect with “Commercial Insight”
68. Techniques for conditionally attracting customers who suit you
69. Technology to write a message tailored to the customer you want to collect
70. Technology to narrow down what you want to say
71. Technology that incorporates the three major elements that move people
72. Techniques for expressing positioning in words
73. Writing technology for B to B
74. Techniques to increase writing speed with the “33 minutes 33 seconds” concentration method
75. Technology that appeals the disadvantages of not acting and positions it from “I wish I had it” to “I’m in trouble if I don’t”
76. Technology that enhances familiarity with “justification” and “common enemy”
77. Technology that expresses “sizzle” so that it feels real
78. Technology that creates a sense of rhythm and momentum by making a set of three words
79. Expression technology that does not seem to be expensive
80. Technology that uses “future pacing” that is effective for improving the image
81. Techniques for effectively using images and captions
82. “Counter-argument processing” technology to deal with expected reader’s counter-arguments in advance
83. Technology that encourages opening by considering the sender and subject of the email
84. Techniques for properly using the number of characters in emails
85. Techniques for incorporating the theory of behavioral economics into copywriting
86. Techniques for writing sentences with emotion
87. Techniques for laying down and polishing sentences
88. Technique for efficient calibration by one person
89. A technique to understand the optimum length of LP and write a sufficient copy with the minimum necessary
Technique to use 90 fonts properly and add sharpness
91. Techniques for shortening sentences to make them easier to read in the smartphone era
92. Techniques for improving readability and conversion with proper line breaks
93. Technology that enhances “cognitive ease” between appropriate lines
94. Technology that utilizes feedback from others
95. Writing technology using “swipe file”
96. Technology to check the created LP with “PMM self-check sheet”

◆ Techniques for applying copywriting
97. Techniques for applying “PASONA’s Law” and “PASBECONA” to proposals, proposals, and presentations
98. Technology for simultaneous product development while making LP
99. Technology that uses “PAS BECONA” for video sales
100. Techniques for writing by incorporating empirical engineering into FAQ

★ Immediately after the release, a large reprint! Over 210,000 PV! 5 most popular serials ★
【The first place】Why do people buy Porsche or Rolex? 17 items that stick to your instinct.
【2nd place】[The culmination of 25 years of Masanori Kanda]”Four powers” that create wealth in the wake of the absurdity of life
【3rd place】[100copytechniquesthat90%ofpeopledonotknow]What are the 8 carefully selected headlines with “BTRNUTSS” spices revealed by the best marketers in Japan?
[4th place][90% of people don’t know]The idea of ​​”cultivating customers” that “the best marketer in Japan” talks about
[5th ​​place][Copyingtechnique100that90%ofpeopledonotknow]Even beginners can get a lot of momentum from the opening by copying “Are you making such a mistake?”


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