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It has been 25 years since Masanori Kanda, a management consultant, spread copywriting technology in Japan, which has been selling for over 100 years in the United States. The culmination of that is “Complete copy writing technology ── The principle of words that will continue to sell for 100 years](Commonly known as: all copies). actual,”“The strongest cospa book” despite 3520 yen“”Web marketing is “immediately” effectiveIt has become a hot topic.
In the book review magazine “Top Point” that has continued since 1987, it has been praised as “a systematic guide to 100 copywriting technologies that directly lead to increased sales. A practical manual that is just right for the name of” Taizen “.”
Acquire four powers (judgment, thinking, expression, transmission)[Copywriting Technology 100]Complete coverage
Not only “what to say” but also “what to say” is fully compatible with paper, web and smartphones.
This time as well, points that are useful to readersThis bookI will introduce it by excerpting from.

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“”Complete copy writing technology』From, the leading copywriting in Japan,Masanori Kanda’s Copywriting Guidance 29Let’s introduce.

The word (sales copy) has a “strong transformative power” that changes the product so that it can be sold, and at the same time, the organization itself can be changed so that it can be sold.
“The strongest copy writing bible ── The legendary masterpiece trilogy is condensed into one book! With 100 cases of domestic success ”
(Written by Isao Yokota, supervised and commentary by Masanori Kanda, Diamond)

Masanori Kanda’s copywriting isn’t just about the result of “selling.”

 The process of creating wordsThis is a great opportunity to look deeply at yourself (your company).

Necessary for the purpose of “delivering value”Encourage internal transformationThe purpose is.

It doesn’t matter if you have employees or not.

Encourage clients to be aware and changeFacilitation abilityIs necessary for marketing copywriters.

If you read this far, copywriting will beIt’s not just a technology to sell thingsI think you realized that.

Going further from there,Product development and organizational changeThe final goal is to reach.

Not just yourselfHow to contribute to the development of clientsLet’s think about it from today.

PS.1. “Complete copy writing technologyI explained how to useSeminar videoYou can see.
(This video may end without notice)

PS.2.This bookAt the beginning and end of the book, the four strongest weapons that dramatically increase your sales …[PMM search sheet][PMM self-check sheet][“BTRNUTSS” heading checker][PASBECONA template]is released for the first time in the bookDid.
And this timeAbout[Advertising Evaluation Program]Obtained a patentDid.

 These four weapons are a condensed version of the wisdom of a quarter century.Immediate effect and reproducibilityIs secured.
Please use it with your own handsresultI hope you can put out.

[Teached by the best marketers in Japan]<br /> Why copywriters need facilitation skills” src=”https://dol.ismcdn.jp/mwimgs/9/a/1080m/img_9a6275848035bd72b7c179c122d4e9e3969413.jpg” class=”lozad”/></a></div>
<p><span style=(This manuscript was published by Masanori Kanda and Junichi Kinda, which became a large reprint immediately after its release.Complete copy writing technology ── The principle of words that will continue to sell for 100 yearsIs an excerpt from


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