The 50th anniversary of Japan’s landing “Failer” 100 handkerchief advertisements at Omotesando Station – WWDJAPAN

Speaking of “FEILER”, it is a miscellaneous goods brand of German traditional craft fabric chenille weave. In the past, we had a strong image of being a “grandmother’s brand,” but in recent years we have been collaborating with select shops and brands that are popular among the younger generation, giving us a new image. The other day, when I was walking around Tokyo Metro Omotesando station, I came across a charming advertisement posted by “Failer”. 100 handkerchiefs are framed like art, and the cute animals and plants and cake patterns will make you feel warm. “Failer” celebrates its 50th anniversary in Japan, and it seems to be a campaign that coincides with it.

In the milestone year, “Failer” also announced a new brand message, “The heart can always dance.” Advertisements at Omotesando Station also included the wording. In these days, there are many incidents and news that make the whole society feel unstable due to the re-expansion of corona infection. It’s like proving that you can always dance. The phrase “just a handkerchief” may sound nasty, but it’s actually the opposite. It’s amazing how something as small as a handkerchief can change people’s minds. I think that one of the values ​​that fashion and beauty companies deliver to the world is exactly this kind of effect on people’s minds.

Advertisements at Omotesando Station will be posted until the 21st. Also, at the Takashimaya Osaka store, “Failer” is currently running an interesting advertising campaign. Since the corona crisis, there are many cases where the use of air dryers in the washstands of toilets is prohibited. It seems that they are posting advertisements that tell them that they are in. This is until the 28th.


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