The Chinese brand name of cosmetics “Revlon” was super-first-class, shocked by bankruptcy law filing | Mo Bangfu’s Chinese business surprise new discovery | Diamond Online

The Chinese brand name of cosmetics Photo: Cindy Ord / getty images

Why was shocked by the bankruptcy law application of cosmetics maker “Revlon”

I’m a man, so I haven’t been very interested in cosmetics makers. However, at the end of last year, my daughter changed jobs from a major Japanese advertising company where she worked for many years to a major foreign-affiliated cosmetics manufacturer, so she began to pay more attention to the movements of foreign-affiliated cosmetics manufacturers.

Last month, I was shocked when I saw the news that American cosmetics maker Revlon filed for Chapter 11 of the US Bankruptcy Code, which is equivalent to Japan’s Civil Rehabilitation Law. ..

“90 years after its founding, most of the time, the company was a big player in the cosmetics industry,” the New York Times reported, Revlon was a brilliant star among many cosmetics makers. .. However, the company’s assets and liabilities, which it asked a New York court to protect its assets, are estimated to be up to $ 10 billion, and it seems that it will have to overcome a difficult mountain.

There is another reason to express my feelings when I came in contact with this news, even using the word “heart tremor”. In Revlon’s ad, Cindy Crawford, known as the original supermodel, was the signboard model for many years, citing Chinese poems for her Chinese brand name.


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